Chapter 1

"Sterling babe me and Sam are going shopping I'll be back later okay love you." I said kissing his cheek.

"Not dressed like that you're not." He grabbing my wrist. I was wearing black short shorts a powder blue loose shirt that covers the shorts and a black leather jackets.

"What's wrong with what I got on." I said looking down at my outfit.

"You're half naked. Go change." He said.

"No I like what I got on what do you want me to wear a hajab or something."


"News flash Sterling this is not Afghanistan."

"Yubin I'm your alpha and your mate you do not defy me now be a good Luna and change ." He said in his alpha voice, which made me scared.

"Fine Alpha Sterling." I said , I went back to our room and changed into my black leggings. then met up with Sam.

"Finally why did you change?" she asked getting into the passenger seat of the Audi R8 

"Alpha Sterling didnt like what I had on and made me change he is so fucking controlling, I hate controlling peoplebut the fucked up part is that I love him so much." I said pulling out the mansion drive way .

At the mall we brought shoes , dresses, jeans,shorts,shirts,and perfume , we were at the food court  when I notice 2 of Sterling's bodyguards James and Jacob. They walked over to us."Luna Alpha Sterling request you home.we are gonna need your keys."Said James.

I handed him my keys and followed outthe mall. I rode with James and Sam rode with Jacob.

Back at the mansion Sterling was in the office talking to the sister pack, I walked over and sat on his lap, he wrapped his free arm around my waist, and kissed my neck.

"This rouge pack must be dealt with for the safety of our packs and the future pack members ...a meeting when?....3 okay yeah sure.have a nice day."He said then hung up the phone."You know you being on my lap makes me want to mark you even more."

"I already belong to you and only you but we can do it 


Chapter 1.5

(authors note:there was a glitch so I couldn't finish chapter 1 so here's 1.5)

"I already belong to you but we could do it again seeing how amazing it was." I said against his lips."But how about we finish this conversation in the bedroom ."

"Oh baby we both know if we go to the bedroom we will do anything but talk." He whispered.

"Sterling your father-" Said Sterling's mother walking into the office. I quickly hopped off his lap."Oh I'm sorry... but Sterling your father wants to see you." Closed the door behind her as she left.

"I'll see you later." I said hegrabbed my wrist and pulled me back down.

"No, no, no, my dad can wait." He said he shifted me so that I sat astride him. I wrapped arms around his neck and kissed him. He licked my bottom lips asking for entrance and I granted it, his tongue explored my mouth.

-Sterling -

"What's up dad, what's the problem." I asked walking into his office.

"You're late."

"I know." I said  taking a seat."I was busy ."

"Any way what you gonna do about this rouge pack?"

"I'm gonna work with our sister pack Division."

"S.H.E.I.L.D. and Division working together. Oh and your mother wanted me to ask you when will she be a grandmother ,"

"I dont know soon maybe." I said "Its up to Yubin."

"No son it is up to you, you are the alpha you control her she listens to you and only you, this is your pack. Do you understand me son." Said my father with anger in his voice.

"Yes sir."

"Now did you do your homework you have school tomorrow."

I left his office and went to my bedroom which I share with Yubin, Yubin was on her laptop talking to some boy from school. I walked over and closed her lap top.

"What the hell Sterling,?" She asked clearly angry.

"I dont want you talking to him do you understand me."?" I said.

"He's just a friend." she said getting up from her seat.

"A friend that likes you."

"I dont like him that way, I love you, not him, so I will talk to him if I want to." she said then she walked into our walk-in closet. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back."Let me go Sterling you're hurting me."-Yubin!

"Let me go Sterling you're hurting me." I cried trying to get free of his grip.

"Listen to me Yubin, you will do what I say when I say and how I say, to your understand." he said shaking me I notice his eyes went black.

"Sterling what is is wrong eith you have you gone 




sterling dad


insane" I cried he was hurting me,"Let me go now you're hurting me"

"Im sorry I just dont want you talking to him, never do it again."

"You're not my dad Sterling you're my mate." I said, he pulled me into an embrace, I pushed my way out of it,"Dont touch me." I walked into the closet, and changed clothes, I put on flower print pajama pants and a tank top, the climbed into bed."BTW you're sleeping on the couch or floor you decided, just not the bed."

I woke up the next morning a tried to get up but something was holding me down, I looked to see Sterling's arm around my waist, I pushed him and he fell out of bed. I got up and went to the bathroom, and got into the shower, a few minutes later Sterling joined me. He wrapped his arms around me my back to his front."Enough Sterling I'm mad at you."

"I'm sorry about last night, my wolf took over and when I saw you talking to that boy I got jealous, can you please forgive me, please?"

I turned in his arms"Fine I cant stay mad at you." I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him. A wolf can never stay mad at their mate for long, that was why I forgave him  so easily .

After the shower we got dressed, I wore a yellow sundress with a black leather jacket, and black high heels. Sterling wore a gray shirt, bark jeans and Jordans. We ate breakfast with the rest of the pack the we headed for school in the Audi R8.


Chapter 2

After school I waited for Sterling to finish football practice which seems to take forever. Most of the football players dated cheerleaders with were also their mates the entire football team is made up of werewolves.

A boy with blonde hair and purple eyes sat down next to me,"Hello my name is Xander what's yours?" He held his hand out to me, and I took"Yubin."-What the hell are you doing--Nothing Sterling now get out of my head.-"Question what are you doing here alone." He asked."Oh just waiting on my boyfriend." he just nodded,"So you're a jocks girl." I laughed."And what's that supposed to mean." I asked playfully glaring at him."Oh nothing its weird I thought a jocks girl was supposed to be mean and bitchy usually a spoiled brat, but you seem really nice," He said with a sigh."Well thank you I guess." He smile, he has an amazing smile."Lets be friends ."

Sterling walked over and pulled me up by my arm,"Lets go Yubin." He had a pissed look."Okay. And Xander I would love to be your friend, see you tomorrow, bye." And I walked away with Sterling "I don't want you talking to him." Sterling growled."Sterling what is your problem look you cant keep telling me what to do, who to hang out with, who to talk to, what to wear I tired of it I am going to do what I want, if I want to have a guy friend I can. So stop playing jealous boyfriend I mean its not like anyone has a chance against you." I whispered so no one could hear."You are mine Yubin, do yoy understand me." He squeezed my arm."Sterling you are hurting me let go." I snatched my arm away."Im sorry." He said touching my cheek, I took a step back."Dont touch me let's go home." Sterling sighed and we drove home in silence. I hopped out the car and ran up to our room, a few minutes later."Yubin we have to talk now." He growled."Or what you're gonna put on your alpha pants." I said, his eyes darkened, he grabbed my upper arms and pushed me into the wall,"You listen to me, I dont want you talking to him do you understand me Yubin." He growled, tears fell down my cheeks.I cant believe he just did that to me, he promised never to hurt me never to make me cry and he did. I am so hurt so angry, I hate when people break their promises and I hate when people lie. I went into the closet and grabbed a change of clothes, then I ran outside and shifted into my blonde wolf, and ran. I could hear Sterling yelling in my head get back here but I just ignored him. He had hurt me andI'm not gonna forgive him for that, you dont hurt the ones you love. I ran to the lake by the pack mansion, and shifted I put on the clothes I grabbed and just sat there crying.

Chapter 3

I heard footsteps behind me I jumped up in defense."Whoa it just me Xavier." He said."Hi." I said and relaxed."What's wrong?" he asked"Nothing just drama.?" I said and sat back down."Wanna talk about it?" he sat down next to me."No not really." I said."you know I never got your number." He said."Good point give me your phone." he gave me his phone and I put my number in . Then Sterling came."Yubin its time to go home. Xavier." Sterling said."What's up man." Xavier said to Sterling as he helped me up."Xavier do me a favor and stay away from  Yubin." Sterling said."Sterling he is my friend leave him alone. I'll see you tomorrow Xavier." I said. When Sterling and I were far enough from Xavier we ran. We are fast as humans but faster as wolves we move in a bluir.

When we got home Sterling was pissed. I went to  our room and started on home work. Sterling burst into the room steaming. He grabbed me by the arm and forced me to stand up. He slapped me. I slapped him back. he pushed me on the bed and tore off my clothes."Stop  it Sterling." I cried, tears ran down my cheeks. He undid he  pants freeing his erection, in one swiftmove he entered me.  Even though he I didnt want this to happen I was moaning in pleasure, but begging him to stop. I came 3 times, then he found his release. He pulled out of me and buttoned his pants, then he left the room, I took a bath the water was extremely hot. i got out the shower and put on a pair of yoga pants,, t-shirt and hoodie, and some sneaker.

-Sterling POV-

I just raped my mate I just raped Yubin, she going to hate me. I left her in the room crying.

I went back to the room Yubin was balled up in the corner crying. I crouched down in front of her. She turned around and faced the wall."Yubin please im so extremely sorry I didnt mean to." I begged. She didnt respond."Baby please. Please forgive me im sorry." I said and wrapped my arms around her."Dont touch me, Alpha." She shaking my hands off her."Yubin?" I said."What do you need alpha." she  said."I need you to talk to me." I said." First you slapped me, then you raped me I have nothing to say to you, now if you excuse alpha Sterling im going to stay with my brother." She said and left the room.

Chapter 4

-Yubin POV-

I've been staying at my brother's for 1 month, Sterling comes by everyday to check  on me and bring me work for school."Yubin you should go to back to the pack house. Alpha has a right to know about his baby." My brother Woobin said."Woobin." I said."Yubin Sterling is the father of that baby and your mate. I wouldnt be telling you things that would be bad for you?" he said."No. fine I'll go back." I said and hugged him.

I walked up the driveway of the pack mansion. I walked into the mansion and pulled into a hug by Sam."I've missed you." she cried."I've missed you to." I said."Alpha is in his office." She pulled away."Thanks." I walked to Sterling's office, he was pacing."Its hard to think when you pace." I said."Yubin." he pulled me into a hug. Woobin didnt allow Sterling anywhere near me during the stay."Hi Sterling." I said and he kissed me it was a hungry kiss."I've missed you so much. dont ever leave me again." he said."I just needed to clear my head. But here is something you always wanted." I said."You're going to be a father. I'm pregnant." I said. Sterling hugged me and kissed me all over my face."Im going to be a father."

-Sterling's POV-

"Im going to be a father." Yubin just told me she was pregnant. She got pregnant by rape but she is still pregnant with my child. I love children, I have always wanted a big family. I know Yubin isn't big on having kids she doesn't hAve a high tolerance. "Oh i love so much and I am sorry for what I did,I was listening to my father and everything with the Rouge pack, I really sorry, I'm a selfish jealous jerk, please forgive me."

"Well you do have the selfish jerk part right and especially the jealous part, but I forgive you. Sterling we are not married you have to let me live my life. You can't control me." She said her voice as soft and sweet as before.

"I live you and you're right I shouldn't have acted that way, we should go tell my mom, all she has been talking about since she learned you were my mate was if you would make her a grandmother."

"Sure, but before we go. I should tell you I have been hanging out with Zander and-"

"You've been what I to-never mind that'she perfectly alright." I said through clenched teeth.

"Good because he'said bisexual and he currently has a boyfriend back home that he loves. "


"Yeah, he finds me sexy but he would never do that to his boyfriend and he respects our relationship very much

"But he still fonds you sexy....anyway let's go tell my parents the good news."

We found my parents in the living room.My mom got up and hugged Yubin and my dad shook my hand, and kissed Yubin'so cheek."Yubin welcome back we've missed you so much." Mom said.

"Hi Luna mother" Yubin said.

"Mom you remember what you've wanted since you learned Yubin was my mate?"

"Oh my god your having a baby. When did you find out?" Mom jumped up and down and hugged Yubin and kissed her forehead.

"I found out a few weeks ago when Woobin forced me to the doctor."

"Have you chosen any names?"

"If oh its a girl it's between Sooyoung and Taeyeon. If it's a boy between Wooyoung and Teacyeon."

"Why Korean names." My dad asked.

"Because Yubin is Korean." I said defensively,  although she never mentioned the names or talked to me about I still respect her decision after all it is her baby.

"Well Yubin thank you so much for making me a grandfather." Dad hugged Yubin and kissed he cheek.

"So what have you decided for school?"Mom asked.

"I talked to Woobin he said that if I want I can't stay from school and just get the work. I'm going to stop when I show to the point where u can't hidemail it."

"You are so skinny you are going to start showing pretty early.Who far along are you?" Mom said.

1 month." Yubin said, she glanced up ne. She hasn't told me anything the only thing she told me was I am going to be a father.


-Yubin POV '

I was spooning with Sterling when my phone rang."Hello."

"What's up Yubin you brother said you moved back with the boyfriend does he know."Xander asked.

"Yes Xander he knows," I said nonchalantlyOh yeah umm... I was wondering would you be the godfather.. I already choose Sam as the godmother her being my best friend."

"I thought I was your best friend "he whined.

"You are my best male friend and Sam is my best female friend." I said."So would you."

"Of course should I ask for Sam's hand in marriage."

"Ha ha very funny, I'll see you at school in the morning."

Chapter 5

It -Yubin POV -

I am now 6 months pregnant with twins a girl and a boy, the boy named Sterling Teacyeon Andrews

the girl Taeyeon Sara Andrews.The entire student body has been very supportive, people have been sending baby gifts since we found out the sex of the twins. 

 Sterling has became extremely over protective and tense since he found out he was going to have a daughter, that's all he talks about when we talk about the baby. Sterling's mother gas gone to everything she has yet to miss a doctor's appointment,  she even wants to be in the delivery room.

"Sterling Xander is coming over he just broke up with his boyfriend. " I said.

"Whatever." He said dismissively. I walk over to where he was sitting and I see him looking up ways to raise a daughter.

"Sterling what the hell are you doing." I ask laughing. 

"A son would be fine I'd know how to deal with him when he gets older but a daughter what am I to do when boys start noticing her, I know she's gonna look like you beautiful and sexy as hell." 

I sat astride his lap and kissed him."Sterling she is a werewolf so that means she will have a mate, hopefully one that doesn't treat her the way you treated me before you learned we were mates." I said.

"I'm sorry about that I truly am. "Heven said and place his face between my breast. 

"And once again you are forgiven I love you and I know our children will love you as well. " I said, I began to climb off his lap when he grabbed my waist holding me on his lap.

"No don't go yet I was thinking maybe we could have a little fun." He said kissing my neck which was hard with my baby bump.

"Like I told you before Xander is coming over." I said, he moved his hands letting me up.

"Yubin the babies will be born in a few months, so let's get our own place."

"You're the alpha you have to stay in the pack house." I said.

"Maybe we can get that house next door."

"Or we can move your patents over there, the other day when you were gone your mother insisted that she stay in our room so she can make sure that I didn't go into labor. Mother Luna is killing me." I whined.

"Well these will be her first grandkids and she us just really excited." He said,"give her a break. "

"Give her a break give me a break, don't move this way don't eat this don't eat that, you have to sleep this many hours. Seriously I need a drink."

"Well once you have my babies and stop breastfeeding you can drink what ever you want."

"Im not breastfeeding. " I said. Sterlingook at me in shock. 

"What the hell do you mean you're not breastfeeding it's the best thing for the babies." He raised his voice 

"I mean that I am not breast feeding."

"Why the hell not."

"Well since the school ends a month after I have the babies I will go back, and that will be pretty hard to do while I am breastfeeding. "

"No you arent."

"I plan on going to college and getting an actual job so yes I will be going back to school." I said whenot my cell phone pang.

Xander: Outside 

Me: On my way down

I opened the front door, Xander stood there dressed in all black.He looked happy but also slightly upset about something. I hugged him and invited him inside.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"The stepmother, she makes me want to choke the hell out of her. She's stuck up and whines all the fucking time." I rolled his eyes.

We walked into the living room, where Sterling sat on his cell phone. I took a seat next to him and Xander sat across from us.

"Hello Xander." Sterling said not looking up from his phone.

"Sterling. " He said giving me his most annoyed look, causing news to giggle.

"Will you guys please try and get along for me?" I pleaded with the two.

"Anything for you." Sterling leaned over and kissed me behind the ear.

"Sure thing ."Xander said.

"Thank you ."

Xander stay for an hour and a half before his father called him home because his stepmother's family decided to come over.

Later that night Sterling and I lay in bed cuddling, he runs and kisses my belly talking to it. It's starting to get irritating. 

"Sterling leave my belly alone please. " I snapped causing him to remove his hand.

"Hey, those are my babies in there I can rub your belly if I want." He said placing his hand back on my belly. I turned over to my side facing away from Sterling moving to the end of the bed far way from Sterling."Seriously, come on Yubin, please don't be like that."

"I asked you to stop touching me and you don't like to listen, you never listen. You're a jerk a stubborn bullheaded jackass jerk." I yelled. Sterling grabbed my arm very hard. His knuckles turned white, he released my arm and his red hand print stayed.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He said. I climbed out of bed and left the room, Sterling followed behind."where are you going?:

"I am going to sleep in Sam's room. " I said.

"I said I was sorry , it was a accident I didn't mean to do it. I promise Yubin, please come back top bed."


"I said come back to bed." He used his alpha voice. I quickly walked backed to the room and laided down. Sterling came back also and laided down with me. I began to cry silently. "Don't cry Yubin, please don't cry."

I cried my self to sleep, Sterling voice made me cry even harder when he tried to get me to stop. Eventually he gave up trying and went to sleep before I did. Being the alpha's mate can be a living hell.

Chapter 6

 I haven't talked to Sterling in 3 months. When he walks into a room I walk out. I have been staying in Sam's room. Sterling's mother has been trying to talk to me, trying to get me to talk to Sterling. Sterliing's father stays out of everything.

i'm in Sam's room doing the work the school gave me. I walk to the bathroom in Sam's room when I feel water run down my legs. My water broke. I yell for Sam she rushes in.

"My water broke."I said. Sam yelld for Sterling and in seconds he runs into the bathroom, with his beta, Jason , Jason is also Sam's mate.

Jason ran for the pack doctor, while Sam and Sterling walked me to the infirmary.

After 5 hours of labor, I had 2 beautiful kids. Sterling Teacyeon Andrews and Taeyeon Sara Andrews. they both looked like Steriling, you can't tell that they were asian. I kicked Sterling out the room after hour 2, and he fiinally came into the room after the babies were born Sterling was born first. Taeyeon is a runt. Sterling's mother was so happy. She took Taeyeon out of Sterling's arms.

"Thank you, Yubin. Thank you." Sterling said. He kissed my forehead." I love you."

After a hour everyone left Sterling and I alone with the twins.

"We should talk Yubin." He said.

"What do we have to talk about ? How you are hot-headed? Or how you are using your position in the pack against me? Or even better, how you keep putting your hands on me? Yeah, let's talk about that."


"I am staying at Woobin's for a while. You can come and visit them when you please. But I can't deal with you for a while." I said.

"Please Yubin give me a chance." He got down ou his knees." It is driving me insane not being able to talk to you, to hold you. I miss you. Hell you won't even stay in the room with me. The only reason was for the ultrasounds. You are my mate I miss you. I know you miss me too.Please."

There was a knock on the door. Woobin walked in."Stay with him Yubin. You are hurting. You miss him. I know you miss him. You have to work things out and not run away. You have to teach your children to face their problems. They are the future alphas of our pack."


"No, Yubin. No you are staying with Sterling and that's final. You will work it out with your mate." Woobin never raised his voice, but he did today.


"Not saying in Sam's room and putting Jason in the guest room but in Sterling's room with him. Do you understand me?" He said.


"Do . you. understand . me." He said.

"Yes." I said looking down at my son.


Woobin left the room. Sterling was very happy."Don't look at me." I said.


-2 days later-


Luna Mother came to our room everyday. I can now talk to Sterling without screaming. Sterling tends to the babies more than I do. He let's me sleep. He has finally dealt with the rouges. Woobin and his mate spent most of their time here.

Everyone loves the twins. Some people from school came to visit them. So far we have had a pretty good 2 days.




Publication Date: 07-02-2014

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