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You’ve most likely seen mentions of Bitcoin increasing on news and technology sites in the last six months. Bitcoin, along with many others, is a virtual currency, designed to be independent of any individual country or government.


With the ongoing rise in ecommerce and electronic payment forms, it was perhaps inevitable that currency itself would turn digital.


The value of Bitcoin has skyrocketted since it began, which has led to many people getting excited about how they can cash-in on the trend.


This report aims to explain some of the core concepts behind cryptocurrencies, and dispell some of the myths too. We’ll also, of course, look at how you can earn money, safely.

What is Bitcoin

The full technical explanation of how Bitcoin works would take a degree to understand, so we’ll stick to the basics that you need to know.


Bitcoin is a currency, which has no affiliation to a country or government. It is a global currency, with the aim of allowing transactions wordwide to be made quickly with minimal fees.



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