Lone Winter's Night

She stood at the door, looking over at the freshly falling snow. The moon was bright enough you could see the tree animals’ eyes glowing. It had been months since she saw any one. Her "kidnapper" kept her in this secluded cabin in the mountains. He would come once a day, to "sleep" with her. She wanted to run each time, but the chain around her ankle remind her that she was unable to run. 


She stood at the door, waiting for her chance to run. She worked enough, while he was gone, to make a device that would allow her to pick the lock. She kept enough food hidden, that she could survive a few nights in the cold, snowy grounds. And with each night, the snow would fall covering her tracks. 


The highway wasn't far from the cabin. She could make it to the highway with in one day's travel, but she would have to wait till he left to be able to run. He wouldn't be back till the next day, which gave her plenty of time to disappear. He would come long enough to "mate" with her than leave. 


Standing in the door way, she could hear a set of foot prints in the distance. "It had to be him. It had to be" she thought to herself as she closed the door, racing to the bedroom. She hid her tool, to help her escape under a loose floor board. She sat on the bed, looking at the door. Her heart raced. She wanted to be free, but she wanted to be safe. The footsteps got closer, she could hear the porch creaking. Breathing softly she laid against the bed, closing her eyes. 




the voice said as the door opened. It was a voice she hadn't heard in a long time. She sprang up from the bed, opening her eyes.




she whispered as she looked at him. Tears streaming down her face. She leaped of the bed running, well more like walking towards him, as quickly as she could. She leaped in his arms, as he held her close. Kissing her neck softly, before pressing his lips against hers. She smiled softly as he shut the door behind him. 


"Vlad, I though...I though..."


she tried to make the words come up, but they were stuck in her throat. He kissed her softly as she placed her down. He bent down looking at the metal silver cuff around her right ankle. She looked down at him.


"Its silver love. I try not to think about it, the pain is too much."


Vlad bent down kissing her chard skin as he broke it off, crumbling it in his hands. 


For the first time in months, she was able to move her ankle freely. She smiled at him, as he stood, pressing himself against her. He kissed her tenderly and deeply. He forced her to walk back as he laid her down on the bed. Moving a small strand of hair from her face, he smiled at her softly. He kissed her ever so gently as he rubbed his thumb against her cheek. He pulled from there kiss, he looked deeply into her eyes. He moved his hand, not making so much as a blinking motion, pulling at her long nightgown, she wore.


Moving his hands down her side, he traced the line of her nightgown, to discover, she wore nothing underneath. Aleera biting her lip softly, she looked at him.


"He made sure I could wear panties. He said it took too long, to push aside for him to feed."


Vlad looked at her as he, finally broke his gaze upon her looking at her inner thigh. She wasn't his sex slave, like he had thought, but he was feeding off of her. Vlad fell to the side of her looking at her.


"He...was feeding off of you."


he whispered holding her close to him. 


She laid her head on his chest.


"Yes, because he said, my blood was like liquid gold to him, to keep him young."


Vlad pulling her so close to him, that he was back on top of her, pressing hard against her.


"My sweet girl, being used like that."


he smiled as he pressed hard against her. He stood for a moment. She could see, the pain in his eyes. He ran his hand down her side, as he grabbed a hold of her shirt. Pulling hard, he heard it rip, as it feel to the floor, in pieces. His dark side was showing. 


Moving his hand down softly, he kissed her against before raising both hand above her head. "CLICK....CLICK..." she heard. Her wrist felt the coldness of the cuffs against her skin. He slowly released his hand from his as he managed to take off his shirt and pants, wearing nothing under. He smiled at her softly as he mounted her. Forcing her legs open, his massive cock, 7 inches, played softly with her entrance. Moving her hip, Aleera closed her eyes. She pulled against her restrains as he pushed hard, his cock, entering her nicely wet pussy. He whispered softly, as he moved is hips back and forth, deeper and harder inside of her.


"Mm...Your pussy is more wonderful to me, than your blood is." 


She took deep breaths as she felt his cock, deep inside her pussy, pounding against her G-spot, making her body shake. She looked up at him, her eyes fixed on his. He moved faster, harder as he pulled his cock, in and out. Her juices flowing from her. He kissed her lips softly as she reached her moment. Cumming so hard, squirting against him, she moaned loudly,


"Ahh...fuck....oh fuck...”


she managed to moan out. 


He looked down at her, kissing her softly. Pushing deeper inside of her, his cum, shooting deep inside of her. She screamed loudly as she felt it. He pulled out of her as he bent down, his fangs sinking deep into her thigh. She made a screaming noise. He lifted up his head, blood dripping from his mouth. He smiled at her as he unhooked her restraints.


"Mm...I guess I need to be more inviting the next time I come."


he whispered as he got his clothing on, looking at her. He placed the silver around her leg.


"Mm...Next time, I may make you vampire, but for now...human is what I leave you."


he kissed her fore head, turning he walked to the door.


"I shall see you tomorrow night."


he whispered softly, leaving the door wide open, her sit sitting on the bed, in shock at what just happened.

My Fantasy (Female PoV)

It was early in the morning and I had gotten up to fix breakfast. I was wearing nothing but a tee-shirt. It was very baggy and long. My hair was in its messy bun, as always. I had the music dancing around the kitchen, with a big bowl of pancake mix. I enjoyed cooking, no matter who it was for. I continued to dance around, unaware of you standing at the doorway. I got over to the stove and started to drizzle the batter on the pan. “Crazy love” was playing and I was singing out loud, of tune, but you didn’t care. You thought it was completely sweet.


As I flip the pancakes, you walked in slowly, wrapping your arms around my waist kissing me softly on the back of my ear, nibbling on my ear lobes softly. You spin me around, reaching behind me, turning off the stove top. Your eyes never left mine. Your smile was endless. You slowly spin me around taking me into your arms, dancing. I giggle softly as we spin around.


“You, have pancake batter all over you…”


as you reach in licking some of the batter off my cheek.


Spinning around, we sway to the music. Moving back and forth as I close my eyes. Taking my hand, you lead me downstairs to “our” basement. Getting to the bottom step, you take the blind fold that was hanging on the wall, covering my eyes. I could no longer see. I was complete in trust. I heard you click on the light. You took my hand as, my bare feet touch the floor. It was cooler than the floors upstairs.


“I have a surprise for you.”


You said ever so gently as you continue to guide me.


We stop for a moment and I hear a door opening. I had never adventure to the basement, only to do laundry. I felt you let go of my hand and I heard the door behind me close. Taking my hand again you lead me ten steps before stopping.


“Can I remove the blindfold?”


I ask impatiently.


I didn’t hear anything. Finally, I heard clicking noises. I feel you taking my wrist as something cold hits my wrist. I shiver slightly and I heard a big “CLICK”. Taking my other wrist, it too met the same cold fate. The loud “CLICK”. Squeezing my hands around what was attached to my wrists, I felt leather straps as well as metal chains. I slowly bit my lip.


            You come behind me removing my blindfold. Stepping in front of me, I could see a smile form. You smile brightly as my eyes start to adjust. I start to look around. First I see my hands locked in restraints. I glance around the room as you smile at me.


“This is our fun room, my love.”


You said calmly.


You walk over to me as you kiss me hard. My knees buckle as you kiss me. My wrists were holding me up as I felt my legs being forced up and wrapping around you. You lean back from me for a moment. Your eyes never leaving mine as you slowly insert your cock inside my wet pussy. Thrusting inside hard as your hands never leave my thighs. Gripping harder, you thrust in harder, picking up pace. You smile at me as you reach in, kissing me hard, going faster inside my tight little pussy. I felt my pussy getting tighter around your cock. Thrusting harder, you reach down with one hand playing with my clit as you go faster inside me. My eyes lighten up as I pushed against you, releasing cum all over your dick.


You smile as you go faster and harder, making me moan louder. I feel your cock getting bigger as it is surrounded by my pussy. You lean in, with one hand taking my nipples and gently pulling and twisting them. Leaning down biting down on them. I moan loudly as you start moving your hip, thrusting deep inside of me. You grab my hips, thrusting harder. Before we both realized, your cock swells up as it shots cum, deep inside of my pussy.


  You drop my legs as I dangle from the restraints. You smile at me as you un hook me, allowing me to hold on to you. You pick me up caring me to the bed upstairs. We lay on the bed, panting and eventually falling asleep in each other arms.


The Mystery Man


It was a cold night. The stars were out full force. The hot springs were boiling gently. The steam was mixing with the cold. I was laying on the bed, reading a book like normal. I had the throw-blanket draped over me. My eyes were reading slowly, as I was savoring each moment. I turned the page gently, when I heard a knock at my front door. I was in the mountains, and the closet neighbor was at least a mile away. It was a loud knock again.



I stood, allowing the blanket to fall. I grabbed my robe, and pulling it over. There was a third knock. I walked down the stairs.




I yelled as I creeped down the stairs. The stair creaking under my feet. I walk to the door, opening it gently.




I said gently with the door open. A man about 5’5 stood in front of me. He smiled softly as he reached out his hand.


“yes…I am looking for the mistress of this cabin.”


I smiled at him leaning up against the door.


“Yes….I am she.”


I said softly, as I slowly bit my bottom lip. He finally stepped into the light as he reached his hand around my waist, pulling me closer to him. My body shaking softly. I look up at him, smiling softly. His touch was cold, but calming. He was step us both forward in to the warm house. He closed the door behind him, locking it. Still biting my lip, he looks down at me. He presses his body against mine. He reaches down, inches away from my lip. He pulls at my lip softly.




he whispered softly against my lips.


“that’s my job….”


He pressed his lip against mine. I closed my eyes softly leaning into his kiss. He wrapped both arms around my waist. I was completely his.


He pulled away from the kiss, looking at me. He pushed the hair away from my neck. He ran his finger along my neck across my veins. He reached down, kissing my neck softly. I could feel sharp teeth pressing against my neck. He stopped for a moment and looked back at me. His eye fixed on mine. He grabbed my hand, pulling me up the stairs. He moved so quickly that I couldn’t keep up. He pulled me into the room. Gently throwing me on the bed. His eyes never moving from mine, as he slowly takes off his shirt. I bite my lip softly as he unbuttoned in his pants. He crawled up on the bed, slowly reaching and untying my robe. He pushed the robe off. I wasn’t wearing anything under my robe. He pushed me down on the bed, pushing my hair from my neck.


“Your mine…do you understand?”


He whispered as he got closed to my lip. I smiled softly as I nodded. He moved his hand down my stomach, reaching down slowly rubbing my clit gently.  


Publication Date: 03-06-2017

All Rights Reserved

This book is dedicated to all the kinky guys and gals out there, who love getting down and dirty. XD

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