The sound of heavens voice wakes me up almost the same time each morning.
It’s a daily routine I give her a bath, warm up a bottle of chocolate milk, change her diaper, then a walk in the park. It’s quiet remarkable all the attention that I get being a single black father and all. I’m in the air force I serve part time and go to school part time. I leave my daughter at a military parent day care center to where I know that she’s alright, and that I’m just an announcement away. On weekends when I don’t have class or to work Heaven and I have the best time that we can. Her favorite meals to eat are baby carrots, applesauce, and a warm bottle of chocolate milk, with a side order of daddy’s kisses and hugs. After she’s finished her meal then it’s play with daddy’s tattoo time. She tries to remove them as if they we’re pictures on a wall. I think her favorite is the one where I’m holding her surrounded by Angels’ wings and musical notes. The thing that most of my military buddies ask me is, so how do you do it?. I never answer them back I keep them guessing they never see me without my daughter , don’t get confused by this, but I’m not spoiling her but teaching her how to be independent at all times. Heaven knows that she doesn’t always get exactly what she wants she has to work for it. For instance if she wants to play hide and seek she has to do the seeking, because the only place where I’ll be hiding is in her room next to her cradle waiting on her to come to daddy’s side. After she’s fast asleep it’s time to do what I do best, get in my kitchen and come together and form a masterpiece. You see I’m not the greatest of cooks, I was taught when you’re hungry and you have only two hands then you better get to work. I take a look at my cook book to see what I’m going to make today, I’m in the mood for a red devil velvet cake. I soon realize though that some of the items in my refrigerator may have perished away while I was out on duty for the past 3 weeks so I have to get more, I can’t leave heaven alone though, so I pick her up gently tuck her under my arms wrap her in her bright yellow and purple towel and then grab my car keys and head down the street to the commissary. Its hard driving knowing that your little princess is in the back sound asleep, but I don’t hesitate I drive slowly not slowing down traffic but only for my daughter’s safety. I finally make it to the store get out and rush to heaven’s side to go get her, good thing she’s still asleep I thought that the sirens on the base would wake her up. I proceed to the trunk of my Impala and grab her stroller and baby bag, I know this kind of looks funny but I get a lot of attention when I walk around with my daughter dressed like this.I HEAD DOWN THE DAIRY AILE, AND GRAB THE MILK FIRST, THEN COMES THE CAKE MIX, THE WHIP CREAM, AND OR ANYTHING ELSE TO MAKE IT COMPLETE. I ALMOST FORGET TO PASS BY THE MEDICINE AILE AND GRAB MY DAUGHTER’S PEDIASURE, AND BABY FOOD. AS I GATHER TO PUT EVERYTHING IN TO THE SHOPPING CART, I SEE HEAVEN’S EYES START TO OPEN AND PEER THE ENVIRONMENT AROUND US. SHE STARTS TO GIGGLE AND LAUGH AS I TRY TO PUT EVERYTHING ON TO THE CASHIER’S SCANNING TABLE. I SWIPE MY MILITARY CARD LOOK AND SMILE AT MY DAUGHTER THEN HEAD OUT THE STORE. NOW HERE COMES THE TRICKY PART REARRANGING THE CAR SO THAT HEAVEN ISN’T CRUCHED BY ANY OF THE GROCERIES OR MY WORK EQUIPMENT. I DECIDE TO PUT HER IN THE FRONT WITH ME, BUT I POSITION HER CAR SEAT SO THAT IT’S FACING THE SEAT AND ME. I GIVE HER A KISS ON THE FOREHEAD THEN I HAND HER THE PACIFIER AND THEN START UP THE CAR. IT TAKES 5 MINUTES TO GET FROM THE COMMISSARY TO MY HOUSE THE REASON BEING BECAUSE I DRIVE SLOW AS HELL. HEAVEN IS FAST ASLEEP ONCE AGAIN I GUESS THE SOUND OF THE LORD’S ENGINE ROCKS HER TO SLEEP. I PRECEDE TO HEAVEN’S SIIDE OF THE CAR UN BUCKLE HER AND THEN GRAB THE GROCERIES OUT OF THE BACK.


Publication Date: 11-02-2009

All Rights Reserved

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