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Free eBooks - Fiction

Here you can find free books in the category: Fiction. Read online or download Fiction eBooks for free. Browse through our eBooks while discovering great authors and exciting books.

Dawn of the Wolf
Nina Kari Dawn of the Wolf

Book One of the Howling At Midnight Series

  • English
  • 97547 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 20565
  • 638

Aurora struggles to be a normal teenage girl, which is a bit hard to do when you’re anything but a normal girl. Being half wolf on her father’s side gives her the strength of a normal shifter, though most of her abilities are hindered with the pollution of her bloodline. ... Read more...

Keywords: wolf, lone, aurora, dawn, father, abuse, pain, love, alpha, overprotective, normal, abnormal, freedom, mates, mating, lies, werewolf, lust

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Pride and Prejudice
Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice
  • English
  • 2 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 19728
  • 561

"Pride and Prejudice" is a popular classic romantic tale by Jane Austen. It follows the Bennet sisters, but more specifically Elizabeth Bennet, in this tale of love and misunderstandings.

Keywords: Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, romance

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Left Behind
Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins Left Behind
  • English
  • 6856 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 14178
  • 58

The first of the many books written by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins portraying a novel of the Earth's last days.... and our world's fate.

Keywords: Rapture, End times, Antichrist

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Moby Dick
Herman Melville Moby Dick

or the Whale

  • English
  • 214427 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 11250
  • 95

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Hunger Games Alternate Ending
Elsa Hauschildt Hunger Games Alternate Ending
  • English
  • 287 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 9444
  • 99

This is an alternate ending to the phenominal book: Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Keywords: Hunger, Games, Alternate, Suzanne, Collins, Elsa, Hauschildt

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A Terrible Secret
May Agnes Fleming A Terrible Secret
  • English
  • 147449 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 8984
  • 175

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The summoning
Kelley armstrong The summoning
  • English
  • 2652 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 8903
  • 79

Chloe saunders used to have a relatively normal life. But now she finds herself in the middle of some really strange situations: -She suddenly starts seeing dead people. -She gets locked up in a group home for unstable teens. -The group home isn't what it seems....

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To Kill a Mockingbird
C Kelemen To Kill a Mockingbird

School Work

  • English
  • 1139 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 8655
  • 19

Here is some school work I had to do on this book. it is short paragraphs based on her writing style. This is it i hope you like. all right's go to the rightful owners including Harper Lee and whoever else.

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~ The Unforgiven~
D.J Kile ~ The Unforgiven~

~ Book 1 in The Unholy Trinity Chronicles~

  • English
  • 44591 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 8469
  • 641

~original unrevised edition~ In the year 1469, there lies a betrayal that will test the strength of humanity to its very core. Dreams are what awaken her, a Master of Darkness is wanting to devour her. Who can save her? Or will the past be doomed to repeat itself. In tim... Read more...

Keywords: Vampire, demon, romance, civil war, time travel, southern

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Blue and Gold
Clive Cussler Blue and Gold
  • English
  • 2 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 7633
  • 32

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