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Find great, yet low-priced, eBooks in the category: Political Science. Discover new authors and their eBooks. You can buy all eBooks published on BookRix in all the major eBook stores.

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Ebook of Political Talk Radio Shows
Francine Silverman Ebook of Political Talk Radio Shows
  • English
  • 14728 Words
  • Ages 8 and up
  • 416
  • 0

This ebook is designed for potential radio guests and includes title of show, name of host, theme, where aired, guest criteria, email, website, phone (optional), and best method of contact. Covers conservative, liberal, and Libertarian politics, current events, Constitutio... Read more...


Contemporary World Politics - Part-3
Dr. Abul Ruff Colachal Contemporary World Politics - Part-3

US Nuclear Politics

  • English
  • 23360 Words
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 333
  • 1

The book “Contemporary World Politics” outlines the trends in international politics in many aspects.. This is the first part of many similar books on the subject. This book covers politics, economics, foreign policy matters, sports fixes, etc. The premises of argument is t... Read more...

Keywords: politics, USA, nuclear, islam, terrorism, muslim


 South African Rebel Blogger
Shane Jansens van Rensburg South African Rebel Blogger

The fall of democracy in South Africa as seen by me, Shane Jansens van Rensburg

  • English
  • 89213 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 284
  • 0

This book is largely my point of view and my disappointment in the "new South Africa" and its corrupt leaders and their dismal failures. It also has random amusing essays from my life which is by no means normal. Hopefully by sharing this book with you, you will be able ... Read more...

Keywords: ANC, murder, zuma, farm attacks, genocide, corruption


On War
Carl Von Clausewitz On War
  • English
  • 101134 Words
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 265
  • 2

A book on war and military strategy by Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz. Clausewitz was among those intrigued by the manner in which the leaders of the French Revolution, especially Napoleon, had changed the conduct of war through their ability to motivate the populace ... Read more...

Keywords: on war, clausewitz, military stategy, war and warfare, political philosophy, military tactics, military history


The Prince
Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince
  • English
  • 47699 Words
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 247
  • 2

The Prince is a 16th-century political treatise by the Italian diplomat and political theorist Niccolo Machiavelli. Although it was written as if it were a traditional work in the mirrors for princes style, it is generally agreed that it was especially innovative. The Princ... Read more...

Keywords: the prince, niccolo machiavelli, philosophy, politics, how to acuire power, poitical philosophy, machiavelli


On Liberty
john Stuart Mill On Liberty
  • English
  • 47798 Words
  • Ages 8 and up
  • 179
  • 2

On Liberty is a philosophical work by English philosopher John Stuart Mill, originally intended as a short essay. The work applies Mill's ethical system of utilitarianism to society and the state. Mill attempts to establish standards for the relationship between authority a... Read more...

Keywords: on liberty, john stuart mill, political philosophy, politics, social science, freedom and justice, utilitarianism


  • English
  • 71962 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 139
  • 0

In present times, due to mass terrorism and animosity, the world is suffering endless wars. The author puts forth his views on how a modern administration based on Liberal thinking and central power inspired by Christ’s message should function.



Dachau`s Gettysburg or the imminent downfall of an offenders`town
Markus Eder Dachau`s Gettysburg or the imminent downfall of an offenders`town

expanded english language edition

  • English
  • 3051 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 121
  • 0

The town of Dachau in Upper Bavaria is a town of great historical shame and of many recent scandals. In other words, Dachau is an offenders`town. Despite all this, Dachau has experienced in recent decades perceptible demographic and economic growth. Now, however, there ar... Read more...

Keywords: Gettysburg, Offenders` town Dachau, Dachau-Israel conspiracy, the election forgery scandal, the Dachau law court murder scandal, Jobcenter Dachau, reawakening neo-nazi activity, labour camp


The Fugitive Slave Law and It's Victims (Illustrated)
American Anti-Slavery Society The Fugitive Slave Law and It's Victims (Illustrated)
  • English
  • 22744 Words
  • Ages 10 and up
  • 71
  • 0

The Fugitive Slave Law was enacted by Congress in September, 1850, received the signature of HOWELL COBB, [of Georgia,] as Speaker of the House of Representatives, of WILLIAM R. KING, [of Alabama,] as President of the Senate, and was "approved," September 18th, of that year... Read more...


Mercury Rising
Pieter Oosthuizen Mercury Rising

Essays on the systemic mass-slaughter of the Caucasian civilization in South Africa

  • English
  • 46595 Words
  • Ages 18 and up
  • 0
  • 0

The Caucasian civilization living at the southernmost tip of Africa, also called the Boers, are in mortal danger.

They are being slaughtered on a daily basis and subjected to a systemic mass-slaugher in the modern era, by a terrorist group turned government, the ANC and th... Read more...

Keywords: Neo-genocide, Modern genocide, Boer genocide, Afrikaner genocide, South African genocide, perpetual genocide of caucasians in South Africa


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