I am Prateeksha Khot and I am in my final year of engineering. I like trying out different things and I am interested in anything creative which is the reason I dont have time to be bored !I like reading a lot. Writing is also one of my interests which is the reason I have... Show more

Deleted User


I am Gauri . I have recently joined bookrix. I love reading .Any book or any poem which holds my attention I read . In general my favorite authors are Sudha murthy, Robin Sharma ,Danielle stells . At bookrix so far Nayelis Nightmare By Michael Pacheco has been the best book I... Show more


I'm a doctor by profession. Also a freelance writer. I like reading, writing, music and travel. Hope to make many friends on Namasteand read many stories.
Bye for now.


my dear friend,
We are already friends..rather you have not responded to my communications.


Hi ashokaatreya ,

Absolutely right. You are already my friend. This thread is basically opened so that Bookrix members would be able to know each other better.

I apologise for my late response.

Hope to have a better communication in future. :-)


Best Book Buys - POETRY 84,824 books

4. Ponder Awhile-Mohit.K.Misra

Best Book Buys - Poetry -Inspirational and Religious- 4,704 books
1.Ponder... Show more

Carol Wills

Hi my name is Carol [aka grandmacas] I'm 64 a mother of 5, grandmother of 8 and great grandmother of 1. I live in England in a small town in the Chiltern Hills about 30 miles from London. I'm retired from paid work so, I now have time to read more and peruse my passion for... Show more


My name is Carmen Ana. I currently live on the Island of Puerto Rico. Writing is my passion. Paranormal Romance was one of my favorite reads, but now because I have two small boys of my own, I decided to give the YA genre a try. I am honestly a slow writer, because I like to... Show more


Hi Carmen,

Welcome to Namaste India!

Thanks for the information! It's nice to interact with people from different countries and culture. Good to know that you live on a beautiful island, Peurto Rico. I have seen photos on internet. You could share some of the photos of this... Show more


Sounds like a great film. I will watch it. thanks! I shall post up pics soon of the island. =-)

Silent Eyes Watching

My name is Dark September. I'm a model for Hollywood, but I'm fed up of how I get treated differently. Everyone is always like she's famous so lets be her friend. I hope to be an equal like everyone else in this group. My goals in life is for people to notice how we act, and how... Show more


Welcome to Namaste India Darkmatter!

I appreciate your goal and hope you will get respect and success that you deserve in your life.

According to me, we get our rewards and pains according to our Karma(action) in present and past life. If we spread happiness, it will definitely... Show more

Silent Eyes Watching

I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to look like I was blaming people. I mostly blame my self for taking the job. I've been a model since I was six, My dad bailed on my mom and my mom got incredibly sick. we were running out of money, and it seemed like a miricle that a model agency... Show more


Hi Darkmatter,

Let me clarify things! You didn't look to blame people. That's my nature. Given me a chance, I start giving people advice on life. I know, I have overreacted over your statements, but my statements were very generalised. Good to know, we have a strong personality... Show more

Silent Eyes Watching

thank you,
i have an idea to.
a friend of mine loves to learn about culture.
her name is laurenferrell.
thats her screen name.
she might have some good ideas for a contest!


>My name is Valerie (Byron) Fee, and I am originally from Cheshire in England. I have lived in sunny California since 1969 and absolutely love it here. I have two grown children, three cats and four small parrots. I have always... Show more


Hi Gooduklady,

Welcome to Namaste India!

Good to know that people appreciate Indian culture and tradition.

Wish you luck in the contest!

Kind Regards,

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I have varied interests, which are mostly listed on my profile page, and I've got an introduction posted on the BookRix Poet Society group discussion "Introduction."
Without reiterating everything posted in those places, I will state the most important things about me here.

I am... Show more


Hi Kathyrabonnash,

Welcome to Namaste India!

I appreciate your quality of openness and inquisitiveness to learn about culture of different countries.

Hope we'll share good times together.

Anyway, you have a lovely smile.


My name is Joan. I love history from the whole world, and world music.

I love India, the rich history of poor and rich. Nothing stops the Indian from loving. They are a very romantic people.

I found that within our family history we have had an honorable Indian woman for a... Show more


Hi Joan,

Welcome to 'Namaste India'. We are glad to have you among us. Do share your views about India in one of the threads we have going on. Its under the heading 'Indian Culture'.

Ankita :)


umm.....ima literature student n so need i mention i luv reading? O YESS! I DO http://www.bookrix.com/media/smileys/smiley00003.gif
m also into theatre. m jst a regular teen njoyin life rite now! it wud b naice if u ol cud maybe share ur salad day xperiencez :)



For the record I am not Indian. I am Tamil from Sri Lanka but obviously there is no group for that and this is the next closest thing.

I would like to say Hi to everyone. I enjoy reading the most. I am not used to reading books from the computer and instead enjoy reading in... Show more