agreed on all of those points, but what annoys me the most is that she caused a lot of people to start writing vampire love stories... and vampires are many things but they are not good lovers....


yeah, i bet publishing agentsies are gettin more Tweeds in about fan-fictions they wrote, and if they get published....no one will save us!!!

WillLoveYouEndlessly (C. Joyce)

1. Sparkly vampires
2. The crazy Twilight fans


1 gay fag vampires

2 they dont even drinks people's blood wtf?


I hate, like absolutely HATE, Edward. He's so... CREEPY.
And why doesn't Bella ever smile?
I can't really complain about Jacob though, because he's hot and sweet, except for the whole 'not-a-real-werewolf' thing. Oh and the fact that hes in love with a fucking baby. That's kind of... Show more


hey i agree Edward really is real creepy he looks so.....eh!Like wassup with the baby and the sixteen year old thats just disgusting!Like everyone so crazy bout that twilight shit!Whats to love?They sparkle in the sun!WTF!The werewolfs are even freaking werewolves!There is no... Show more


Can i just say, i love you all!!! XD
ALso, is the endin not so praticatable??? Good guys win, bad guys loose???
These books are sexiest (Case Bella does EVERYTHING Eddy tells her)
They are sendin out the wrong message, girls need to have boyfriends, or they die! Also, there has... Show more