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Poems for a chilly winter night. poetic snowflakes http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-kalai-selvi-arivalagan-poems-for-a-chilly-winter-night/ Poems here express the innocent love and dreams of a teenager with her ardent lover who loves her more than anything in the world and helps her to create a world brimming with love.
Getting in my Head. An Epic Poem http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-kayla-stiles-getting-in-my-head/ Dana is angry at her ex for what he's done to her in the past. It's time to avenge her humanity. This poem is all about the "process of elimination". The elimination of a monster, that is.
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I have finished reading all the poetry people have linked, and have commented on it all, with my opinions and suggestions. So if anyone has some poems they'd like for me to look at, don't hesitate to link.

Side Note: Please don't comment in this thread with anything other than links to your poetry.


http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-koyel-mitra-lounge-1/ hope you like this and feel free to comment on this.

Lounge. A collection of myriad poems http://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-koyel-mitra-lounge-1/ An anthology of poems making a fragrant garland of well-bred roses in almost all the genres and in multifarious forms with no exclusion of free verses. A dish that bards and poets must savor. A co...