L. Avery Brown

I provide free basic editing for short stories (typically between 10-15 pages) here on BookRix.com for younger writers (between 12~21) who are still working to hone their writing skills.

I also am willing to read through short stories and provide free basic editing for all other... Show more


I need a free Editor who would edit my books for free


i will edit free of charge but i would like, instead of a pament, a trade. If i edit, i will do it for free but i wish for someone to edit one of my books in return. love poems i just want your opinions but i would like someone to please edit the bad boarding sxhool. thank you... Show more


I want an editor, if someone could help me out, I wll edit their also, it will be good free of chaarge, please do message me if anyone could edit mine, it will be nice, then i will edit theirs.
asap i need a editor

Deleted User

I am halfway through finishing my novel and would very much appreciate it if someone could edit my work for free.


I am almost complete with my book and am at the point to where i need to start editing it. However i think that i would be the worse choice to edit my book and I'm looking for someone to help me out with.

Current funds are tight so someone free or even extremely expensiveness.


I am willing to read through, and give advice, for free. Any mistakes I notice I can highlight. In return I only wish for honest feedback on my poems. Message me if interested.


I am looking for an editor that can do it for free.I am not to good at editing,but I can try and help anyone out as a payment:) Let me know if anyone is intersted in reading a couple of my books.


If it is a short book not more than 100 pages, I will do it at rock bottom price. You choose what you can pay. It is more to feel good you are paid for the service.

Deleted User

I'm looking for a free editor. I'd just appreciate if you'd look over my book, and give me some constructive critisism. Thanks a bunch.

Deleted User

BTW. Message me if interested please.


Hey :)
I need the help of a free editor to edit my book, Holy Waffles. The word count is almost 60,000 and I'll post a link below. Please message me if you're interested. You will be fully credited.



hi I need a free editor for my book my adventure to the secret door


i need the help of a free editor for my book the unknown circle...message me if you are interrested

Stuart Rinehart

I also need help with a free editor. I can learn from this editor for the next books to make it make more sense. Thank you. Stuart Rinehart


I am willing to read through, and give advice, for free. Any mistakes I notice I can point out. In return I only wish for honest feedback on my short story Killing's The Only Solution. Message me if interested.


luckystar are you still willing to read through on my novel? I will only send in a chapter at a time so i won't overwhelm you :)

Leandra A

I'm in deeply need of someone with a kind heard to do proofread for my works for free I've been getting a lots of feedback that the stories were good enough to be published it just that it needs editing...since english is not my native langguage I wouldn't surprise to hear these... Show more

Arianna Waters

I can offer free editing services to anyone who writes passionately (English only), without any charges: cash or kind. I've got 9 years of experience as the student writer at my school. Though I'll work for free, I would love it if the person is willing to read my books (though... Show more


I am a highly talented editor and would love to proofread your books!! Please contact me for more information.


I am an experienced freelance editor. I have a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies. I have years of experience editing and formatting academic papers, editing newsletters for several community organizations. Most recently I have edited projects for new Indie authors in the fiction... Show more