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May I suggest running next door to the neighbor's house and pleading with her to next time let you just touch those keys, lol?
You hit the nail on the head, buddy. It's torture, and you captured it perfectly!

And I totally agree with Rick!

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That sounds like me sometimes, only for me it's a day without a book. I have to have at least one in my hand.

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Yea it's true a day without the web can be pretty frightening and I think this picture was painted perfectly.

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No, Laz, this is not funny. It did not elicit even a chuckle from me. It is frighteningly true. When my computer goes down I am lost. I, too, wander around my house, not knowing what to do with myself. Meet a friend for lunch and eat in real time? Nah! I'd rather have the entire world spread out at my fingertips. I am a slave to the computer....and that is very, very sad!! xxx

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Come on Val, you at least smiled a little...right?
It's so true, how we get addicted to things.
At my age I'm addicted to food, love to cook AND eat. Let's see now, what else?. Oh yes ...air, need that. Napping...OH YES! The internet.
And there is something else, but can't think... Show more

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How did we ever survive before the web, we are so reliant on it now that i agree i would be very irratable. I'm really glad you resubmitted this it's really made me laugh xx

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such a brill book and soo true XD reccomend my friends read this XD

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YIKES! What has happened to us?
To intimate to call a friend? Thats what texting has done to us too.

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That was so hilarious and relatable for most people, I'm sure. That is funny where you wrote to a reader that women are more testy about these things. They probably are. What a cool book!

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yup that's me all over lol

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