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I read only 'til chapter 3. By now it is good, better even than what I wrote. It seemed like you are a profeshional writer compared to me. My writing is simple and to the point. Look forward in reading the rest.
You can choose what book you want from my profile.

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This is a really good book even though it isn't my genre I like to read, it is a good story. It is well described and the details are amazing. You are a good author and it looks like you have put a lot of effort into creating this story :) 10/10



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H.Y Nept

I really enjoyed this, your descriptions are vivid and the story in itself is well written and thought out. Every detail shows how much you have thought the story through and how much reading you have done around the subject. All in all a good read though it could do with one more editing to eliminate the last few mistakes. Excellent job.

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You have a way with words

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Noble Ema, First Class, OCN

I'm hooked. You have such colorful wording and you paint a vivid image.

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...and will be reading on for sure. Westerns/adventure stories (I'm assuming the story is set somewhere in the mid-nineteenth century) aren't normally my kind of thing, I'm more of a thriller/horror guy, as you might have noticed from my books, but there's reality to this story that most westerns/adventure stories, be they books or movies, just don't have. And reality is a good thing with this kind of story. Well done.

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That was really amazing! I almost felt like I was there. Love the details! I do love how you explained the scene in the Introduction.

Keep up the good work, you are very gifted.


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Deleted User

You are such a young writer but boy, can you write!

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You did a great job with creating beautiful imagery - something a lot of writers have difficulty with. i'm going to go and see what else you have written now!

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You are quite a gifted author. I've read every offered novel on sites such as Bookrix and Wattpad and FanFiction and her sister site, but only you seemed to have grasped that the barest detail is always the best.

Your words were absolutely enchanting; I adore Thomas and his strength and humanity. Lawerance I also grew fond off, and the world you painted is one that only a true artist can imagine.

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