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From the "soon to rise"? Soon has passed! Barnsey has the voice of an artist. My hat is off to the new poet giant among us. This collection is soulful and filled with striking images.
I am with Laz, "Love Poem for Jeannie" has a special heartfelt feeling about it.
Great work!

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This is a great collection of poetry. I especially like "Love Poem for Jeannie".

Excellent writing!

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Painting feelings with words can make a mess or a beautiful picture. I see a lot of beauty in your words. Nice job.

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L. Avery Brown

I LOVED the Captain America poem! But then again, I'm a bit of a super hero fan. And your success poem...very on target! So basically you started off great and ended up super!

I think your work is wonderful and hope to read more soon.


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Great poems. I especially liked the poem for Jeannie.