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One of the best books that I ever read!

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That first killing scene chilled me to the bone. The emotion and images were awesome. Like Laz said, it didn't take a week to read. You really outdid yourself here.
My favorite part had to be how you described the fight between Frank and the owner of the horses. It made the action of stabbing seem like the blossoming of a primitive instinct that would eventually lead to other things.
Great job :)

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Thanks for the positive feedback as always.

And being a Texan, we were way ahead of the curve on beer, pretzels and restaurants :)

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Great story. Didn't take a week to read it. Wasn't sure how it will run its course. Kept my interest all the way to the end.
Wish the end was a bit different, but I guess it suited the story.
Just one, beer and pretzels? Not too sure it fit into the time

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Just re-read the story, and came to the realization that the ending was perfect...a new hope and a fresh beginning for Frank.