I'm Night Pure Black Scars on face Blood Red eyes with a hint of yellow Been in many fights easy ... By: WolfoftheNight
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I'm Night
Pure Black
Scars on face
Blood Red eyes with a hint of yellow
Been in many fights easy to along with but also ready to fight if you start anything
I don't go looking for trouble but always ready for it to find me
Great vision in the dark or at night time
Good tracker have a sharp sense of smell
And always looking for a good time with friends

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yea she needs help but I think she got it now idk she was going to do something like mine


the whole don't go looking for trouble part anyway

Deleted User

okay i gonna rewrite mine

I am amara By: Deleted User
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i have chocolate brown fur and steel grey eyes

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Hello :)

Hi By: angelfire79
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Cool have fun


Thanks :3


U r welcome :) smiles

Tell me about your wolf By: Lofn
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I am not the type of person to betray. I am a powerful wolf and I am not to be trifled with.

Adventure-maker By: yeonu1
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You could make your Adventures here with my permission

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wow nice dear

Hunting grounds By: yeonu1
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First put where you are hunting, then you could RP. (btw Role play)


The Great Smokies




Hills of Montana and New Mexico along with Idaho



Joining posts (joiners must create their wolves here) By: yeonu1
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Copy this and type the answers. post it.
*erase the line and put the answer in it's place.* I don't care how long.

What is your name? _____________
What color is your pelt? __________________
What markings do you have?_____________
What color is your eyes? ______________
What is your history?_______________


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Ps. to go with my wolf intel. I am the most feared wolf. I can harm others who threaten my friends or family. I can destroy just about anything


To along my eyes turn black ( that means I might murder some one or something) really dark blue (that's when my wolf is close to the surface) and blood red (that means i'm really pissed off)

Renier Laroche

I'm Sly
midnight blue
dark lines down my eyes like trailing tears
dark brown eyes that shift to pitch black when angry
hunters killed my whole pack out of sport my mate and child killed in front of my eyes i went to they're camp in the dead of night and slaughtered them all now im... Show more