Angel's on the bread line By: laura patricia kearney
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Please help a brother out and check my poetry
Thanks guys

Hello :) By: Jeff Sparkes
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Recently joined Bookrix, and while looking around the community I've managed to find this group. I've been writing poetry for 15 years now and published in three anthologies. When it comes to favourite poets, than I would say I love the whole Romanticism movement.

Poetry for you all: By: Faith.Raven
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I hope to get feedback, that would be much appreciated:

Something New.... Time to open a new chapter... I have come to notice that most people use poetry as a way to let their emotions flow, a way to shield them from the outside world. Well that’s not quite what poetry is all about, yes you may us... Thumbnail
Plz review my book "My Poetry-A Divine Introspection" By: Abhay Gangadhar Peshave
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Plz review my book "My Poetry-A Divine Introspection"

Kindly, read my poem entitled 'A Villain's Heart' . Thanks By: Deleted User
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Kindly, read my poem entitled 'A Villain's Heart' . Thanks and feel free to comment :),486,1098

My World By: Sanket
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Confined in a cabin
So called my the world
In a state of pressure
So thought by the world
Working irrespective of everything
Am i breathing or am i living
Or am i just moving
Just adjusting
Just preparing
Just safeguarding..
Can i smile through the files
Can i laugh at the papers
Can i talk with the pen
Can i share with the glasses
Can i live with them
Yes i can. Yes i will
Life is this
Take how it is
Make it better
Am smiling at the files
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Ferguson Protests By: coleenliebsch
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I read a news report this morning about the picture that showed a young boy hugging a police officer. The boy is black and the officer is white and the story was so touching I just had to write about it. I put it up on my Facebook page if anyone would be interested in reading it. The link is:

Please follow my group By: AuthorDalisha
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CACTUS By: Sanket
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coloured in green ,a bit faded
accessorized by several
brown,shiny prickles
standing firm and strong
regardless of anything
i am in love
in love with myself

no hassles bushel around
no disturbance
neither any attachments
just me and myself
peace and harmony
yes,,,alone yet happy
yup...joyful and cheerful
am standing strong and firm'
am a cactus
am alone
and am in love with this

every now and then i look at
stare upon me
try to... Show more

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Another great peom man..., keep it up!!!!

All is Dead and Gone Poem written by me By: cassie.parker
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The remnants of shattered dreams and doused hopes linger in the mournful wind. Broken remains and lost ashes coat the ground where virtue and righteousness once strayed.
A tattered path, once beautiful and whole, now leads the way to pain and despair.
The mighty have fallen, and the worthless have risen.
Oh! How far we have come only to be faced with the choice of following in the footsteps of a lost man with no soul or of... Show more


Wow, that's fantastic!!


Thanks. :D

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