Hey guys! This is Vivian. Imagination is our fantasy creation. By: vivian
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Hey guys! This is Vivian. Imagination is our fantasy creation.

Spider web By: Deu' Angel
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Not all webs he built were made to catch,
Fleshy, naked and silk knitted,
Enveloped with vulnerability,
A heart that saw no darkness.
He fell deep and hard,
Tangled, caught and trapped within,
And if he lets go, he will come apart,
So he remained invincible.
He stood above his web,
In perpetual silence ripping his mind,
He bled almost instantly,
My, Oh my.
He tried to be him,
So he closed those eyes living the memories,
It was but a wild... Show more

Fantasy bestseller, check it out By: BonnanAngel
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Free kindle, great author, check it here, you will be amazed, a bestseller, dark fantasy, a reverse story! You ever read something like this before?

Hello, pls in need of reviews By: BonnanAngel
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Hello fellow bookworms, i am currently writing reviews about my books in my blog, please give me an opinion: https://ebookstoreal.blogspot.com/
Also check this page for the about:
I am also requesting reviews please:
As a gift for you, check here: https://ebookstoreal.blogspot.al/2017/07/hello-booklovers-here-is-book-for-you.html

Update By: Flowers
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Hey guys, I just updated my books. Sorry for not doing it sooner. I was busy.

New Story Posted By: Mizzkitten
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I have posted the first 10 chapters to my fantasy novel. I would love to get some feedback. :) Thank you in advance.

Posting By: Mizzkitten
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I just completed my first fantasy novel a couple weeks ago. (yay!) I am hoping to share it but I worry about putting it on here for fear of someone stealing it (no offense to anyone)


It isn't possible to copy someone's work here because of the way the e-book html is set up. The only way someone could take your story is if you posted the entire thing in a thread rather than by creating a book. I have been a member for over 5 years and have posted over 70... Show more

Ingeborg Kazek

You mean by sharing: publish via Bookrix. of course you must press the Button "publish" to be safe. You can choose either to publish the book just on Bookrix or to publish in ebook shops. Don't worry, thousands of books are published via selfpublishing services. I published 6 books via Bookrix.


Thank you both for clearing that up for me. :)

hello By: Deleted User
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i updated my book blessing and curse

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Deleted User


Hello By: Deleted User
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Hi everyone I just posted my book Friend Wars on here it is, plz read it!


Friend Wars By: Deleted User
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hey everyone, i made and published to books please look at friend wars

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Always try to include a link to your book when you request reads. I've done this one for you:


Just copy/paste the URL from your book's page. ')

Friend Wars https://www.bookrix.com/_ebook-samaria-downs-friend-wars/ Smantha a thirteen year old girl who doesn't know about her past is on her way to solving who killed her village. But with her is Colby, her village taunter who is injured and a survivor of the cat...
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