Please help me check my essay task 2 By: Perfume
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Developments in technology have brought various environmental problems. Some people believe that people need to live simpler lives to solve environmental problems. Other, however, technology is the way to solve these problems. Discuss both views and give your opinion

In order to tackle environmental issues, traditionalists propose people promote the adoption of more simple lifestyles in an attempt to lessen their carbon... Show more

please give me some advice for my essay By: Perfume
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When choosing a job, the salary is the most important consideration.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, job seekers consider about dream income as a top-priority when chasing a career. While I accept that salary is an essential factor for life, I believe that there are much more aspects affecting humans equally at work.
On the one hand, I suppose that salary help person to have a good standard of living and... Show more

Heather Fledderus (geordiriker)

If this is a persuasive essay, then you will want to pick one side and stick to it. Don't give the opposition arguments that they can use against you in future essays. I still remember my teacher giving me that advice when I tried to present both sides of the argument in my... Show more


thank you a lot

hello By: Deleted User
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I'm new to the writing world


Welcome!!! Hope you enjoy it here at Bookrix:)

Deleted User

yeah. except this book i'm writing is at a grinding halt


Try skipping the part you are stuck at and write a different scene, and then come back to it?

My new book please check it out being updated weekly By: Deleted User
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THE DYNAMICS OF PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENT: Strategies and skills to unlock your potential in your professional career #newrelease AUTHOR #Bhushanchopra For #Professionals #Charteredaccountants #Costaccountants #Companysecretories #must read


Google play


I- tunes... Show more

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A great book needs an eye-catching design that provides the accurate depiction of your novel. In order to sell, you need a cover and we can provide you one worthy of a best seller. I mean, 15 dollars for a book that would sell millions of copies and make tons of money is pretty cheap. Illustrating your masterpiece is essencial. We can do it!

Your satisfaction is our goal! We provide UNLIMITED REVISIONS until you are happy with... Show more

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This sounds great! I'll keep y'all in mind.

Catch Me If You Can By: Asouthwo
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Can someone read the start of my book Catch Me If You Can? I really want some feedback.

Hey, Check out By: MJ
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Hey guys xd

For any supernatural creatures teen fiction fan OR like adventure, mystery and comedy books, check out my books below and don't be shy to comment your thoughts of the books

Bionic #1:

I would really love another perspective on these stories when you can, thanks

MarieJams out

Hello! I need some help By: Trihorus
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I'm 18 and wish to publish a book. (I've never completed or published a book yet.) I have a lot of ideas and have started several stories, but I just end up abandoning them later due to some or the other reason. This time, however, I wish to publish a book and have begun working on the same goal every day.

I have never continued a story for more than 5000 words and I need some help in getting consistent. I would love to learn... Show more

the-chronicles-of-alion-book...........take a look at this By: Deu' Angel
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