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Heya babes...been a ya been?

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Do you ever just want to telling someone something, but can't because you are to scared? Because you let the fear control you?

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Every single day...

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You think of the things in life on how you see them.
It may not be right but the way you see one thing can show what you know and what you think of everything.

Do you see the glass half full?
Half empty?
In the middle?
Or you may just see a drink.

the way you look at things is who you are

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Wow, That is like, So true.


=) love it

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Some times you think about.......

All the lies you've told.
All the people you put down.
All the things that you did wrong.
All the ways you could change.
How you could be better.
How you can make a change.

That's when you need to stop. That's when you get lost in all the things that could be changed. All the things that make you bad. Some times you need to realize that there is nothing you can do to change the past.

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I me...we can talk about something else for a bit...if you want...



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If you could change anything......

Would it be to not be alone?
No, you are alone because you shut them out, you are alone because you chose to be.
Because you think that if you let them through, they will hurt you.

Would it be to change the past?
No, the past is who you are, if you let that go, you let go of yourself.
If let go of one thing you let go of everything.

Would you change who you are?
No, you are who you are and... Show more

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thanks :)

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Great Job Lilly


Lilly great job this is so true

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I always feel like I'm alone. I may be in a crowded room. But there not paying attention to me. They don't think of me. They don't truly see me.

They don't know the real me and they still judge. They yell and shout. They don't know. They don't see past the wall.

People don't ever know the real me. So I will forever be alone.

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no Lilly wrote most of that story haha but thanks anyway

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still XD


I feel this way every day

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They say that you need love to live.
I say screw them, they were loved.
They have someone there.
They love.

But we live.
We are still here.
Even though there may not be anyone else.
We are here.

Are we loved?
Are we cared about?
we don't think so, we know not.
But other's say there is always love.

But they are in there own shoes.
That will never change
They are to afraid to take a step and see what we do.

So we live love or no love.

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man with random thoughts

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I wish I could float to the sky
I don’t need to say bye
I just need to lie
And say that I’m fine

Put on the fake face
Keep a steady pace
So they don’t see the trace
So they don’t make a case

I’m worthless
I’m ugly and useless
I’m a waste of space
And all over the place

Could cry in the sky
Tears hitting the kite
Counting the clouds
Radiating to cries

Gone in the sky
Lost in the pines
Prepared for the bye
As I float to the sky

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good job


thanks : )

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you always choose good words to blend........and creates a good poem ......... good work hun......

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You already know I love it! ;p <3

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The waves of hate
Smashing and crashing
Into the mash of my heart
Peeling and prying
Crying as the pain seeps in

You are nothing
You are worthless
You are nobody

The words slice into my soul
Cutting deep to my core
Jabbing at my eyes to overflow
To show so that he will know
I’m in pieces and it’s not from the snow

Let it go
Let it show
Let them know
What you really want to show
What they really need to know

Darkness is... Show more

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people are very rude and hateful just don't let it get to you


it's hard when you have to wake up and see the person

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so true

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Great work babe, keep it up!

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