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1246 search results were found for the search term „ information“.

Books (1194)

PRIMA Knowledge & Information
Jens Wahl PRIMA Knowledge & Information

Record, categorize and retrieve information

  • Computers
  • English
  • 5281 Words
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 226
  • 0
The eBook to the portable usable Freeware-Knowledge-Management „Knowledge & Information“ from the „PRIMA“-Software-Series (Private Informations Management) elucidates with [more]

Keywords: software, freeware, knowledge, information, search, keyword, category


Information and Communication Technology
Mulayam Singh Information and Communication Technology

computerized information and electronic technology

  • Computers
  • English
  • 5631 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 15
  • 1
Information with conversation technological know-how is a great technical component that consists of the number of devices like [more]

Keywords: information, information and technology, Technology, Technologies, computer, ICT, elements, Applications, Applications of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), E-governace, Transportation, • Pharmaceuticals, • Physically Challenged, ICT user interface, GUI, Graphical user interface, Menu driven interface, Comman Line Interface, [more]


Auskunftsersuchen/Request for information
K.Y. Laval Auskunftsersuchen/Request for information
  • Biography & Autobiography
  • German
  • 1210 Words
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 6
  • 0
Auskunftsersuchen/Request for information Siehe den Beitrag "Ein kleines Update zu den Raubkopien von meinen Büchern..."/ See the posting "A small [more]

Keywords: Auskunftsersuchen, Auskunftsbegehren, request for information

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Aspiring Tendencies in Information Management
Martyn Richard Jones-Lovering Aspiring Tendencies in Information Management

Data Warehousing and Decision Support

  • Computers
  • English
  • 2 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 5236
  • 13
This short but intense title addresses a wide range of topics in information management, and in particular topics [more]

Keywords: information management, data warehousing, decision support, politics, philosophy, economics

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Information Communication Technology in Education
Dr.D.Ponmozhi -, - - Information Communication Technology in Education


  • Education
  • English
  • 49305 Words
  • Ages 18 and up
  • 0
  • 0
This book ICT in education covers all the topics related to information and communication technology in education with [more]

Keywords: ICT

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Groups (21)

World Domination: Ideas, criticism, comments and Information
World Domination: Ideas, criticism, comments and Information
  • 16 Members
This group is all about the book series "World Domination". You can read the book and post comments, idea's, or criticism. You may also request what type of powers you would have if you were in this book! Give me a little information about yourself and I will determine which powers you would have and which club you would be in if you were among the teens in the second book. Clubs: Vampire Hours, Only The Dark, Shifters Life, and To The Sun. Vampire Hours: -Kazimir- Yori, Marvel, Trixa, Neon, Linus, Kendra, Phil, Nikon, Zenis, Xene. Only The Dark: -Matthew-, David, Gillian, Kate, Jacob, Stephanie, Cheeze, Teruko, Morez, Anxo, Anne. Shifters Life: -Halina- Gavin, Stepan, Boox, Wall-E, Elsy, Mikol, Maddy, Tatiana, Nina, Lola. To The Sun: -Gubs- Greta, Fiore, Vladimir, Abby, Kaylee, Linda, Neco, Kib, Baxe, Gubs jr. It would be great to get positive feedback on my book! You may also discuss the book.
Story of my life - All information und anderer Kram :3
Story of my life - All information und anderer Kram :3
Allen erstmal ein Herzliches Willkommen ^-^ *verbeug* In der Gruppe findet ihr alle Informationen über mein Buch Story of my life. Ihr könnt auch gerne Werbung für andere Bücher in dieser Gruppe machen :D Oder wenn ihr Interessante Informationen über 1D habt könnt ihr sie hier gerne mitteilen ;)
  • 6 Members
help create information on Faunus from RWBY
Aktionen der Gruppen Ostern 2020
Aktionen der Gruppen Ostern 2020
  • 21 Members
Diese Gruppe dient der Information aller Gruppen über gemeinschaftliche Aktionen, Spiele etc. innerhalb der Community.
Article writers
Article writers
  • 2 Members
Group for Professional article writers, rendering services on article writing Follow the link for more information;

FAQs (15)

If I register on BookRix, I must agree to the use of my personal data. Will it be transferred to a third party?
If I register on BookRix, I must agree to the use of my personal data. Will it be transferred to a third party?

No, we don't transfer your personal data to third parties. However, in the rare legal case when there is a legal procedure regarding your manuscripts, we may be obligated to release personal information to the legal authorities.

Sell Your eBook
Sell Your eBook

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If any information is missing within the required fields, you will receive an alert indicating which sections require your attention. A pink line surrounding the Edit Book Content, Edit Book Info and/or Edit Cover buttons will direct you to the appropriate area.

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Edit Book Info
Edit Book Info

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Below this area, you will find the Copyright Information & Acknowledgements section. Here you can enter the copyright holder for any applicable text or images, along with the name of your editor, proofreader and/or translator (if applicable).

Tip: Always save your changes

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BookRix Homepage

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