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All Search Results „Lack“

275 search results were found for the search term „Lack“.

Books (270)

Ein Lack- und Lederabend
Rebekka Weber Ein Lack- und Lederabend

+++ Drabble +++

  • Short Story
  • German
  • 122 Words
  • Ages 6 and up
  • 379
  • 29
+++ Drabble +++ Bitte in den Kommentaren nicht die Pointe verraten +++ Drabble +++ Peter hatte sich [more]

Keywords: Mädelsabend, sexy Kleidung, Lack, Leder

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Lack und Leder!
Autoren der Drabblesgruppe Lack und Leder!

26. Drabbles-Wettbewerb

  • Humor
  • German
  • 1682 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 848
  • 9
Die Drabblianer präsentieren: 26. Drabbles-Wettbewerb Willkommen in der Drabble-Liga. Hier werden kurze Pässe geschossen. Mit 100 Worten muss der Ball im Tor [more]

Keywords: Lack, Leder, Drabble, 100 Worte, Drabbles, Wettbewerb

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Unter dem Lack
Blake Heartland Unter dem Lack
  • Romance
  • German
  • 4015 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 738
  • 27
Endlich mal wieder ein Weiberabend mit meinen Freundinnen. Das ist eher selten geworden, denn sie haben Familie. Ich [more]

Keywords: lesbian romance, liebe, erkenntnis, humor

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Complete Deliverance from the spirit of  Poverty  And Lack
Dr. Olusola Coker Complete Deliverance from the spirit of Poverty And Lack
  • Bibles
  • English
  • 15338 Words
  • Ages 6 and up
  • 30
  • 0
Poverty is an evil spiritual personality and principality.  It is a Condition where people's basic needs for food, [more]

Keywords: prayer points., spirit of poverty, witchcraft, devil, in Jesus Name, success, breakthrough, blessings, wealth


frivole Fetisch-Ferkeleien
Stephanie Kruger frivole Fetisch-Ferkeleien

Von Peitschen, Lack und Fesselspielen...

  • Erotic
  • German
  • 18052 Words
  • Ages 18 and up
  • 39
  • 3
Traust du dich? Willst du mal etwas Neues ausprobieren? Stehst du auf Lack? Wirst du gern geschlagen, erniedrigt oder gefesselt? Hier wartet [more]

Keywords: BDSM, Lack, Latex, Leder, Fessel, Ketten, Domina, Sklave, Fetisch, Schwanz, Sperma, Fotze, ficken, Titten


Users (1)

  • English
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Groups (2)

The Dyspraxia Campaigner
The Dyspraxia Campaigner
  • 2 Members
I named myself as personal journeys. Like to keep my name private. Recently, I have written a book about dyspraxia. I am myself affected by the condition. Anyone aware of dyspraxia? There is a lack of recognition and awaresss about the condition. I am sharing my knowledge and experience about the condition. Please take a moment to read the book and offer you feedback.
Zoom - Mitten ins Herz
Zoom - Mitten ins Herz
  • 11 Members
Prolog: Kim Stein, 28, ist Szene-Fotografin. Sie ist in Hamburg jetzt schon legendär, da ihre Aufträge sich ausschließlich um das Thema SM in all seinen Facetten, Hetero, Bi, Gay, Lesbisch drehen - in Nude, Lack, Leder, Latex, Satin oder nur als s/w in Tüchern. Höchstes Niveau sind ihre Unterwasserbilder in Rubber und Nude. Die schönsten Bilder fließen am Jahresende zu ihren SM-Kalendern, um die sich alle reißen, zusammen. Abends geht sie gerne in Szene-, SM-, oder Gay-Clubs aus. Dort finden sich immer interessante Modelle. Hier gibt es alles neue um Kim Stein! Eure shadowdancer Danke an LynMara für das schöne Cover
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FAQs (1)

What do I need to know about copyright infringement?
What do I need to know about copyright infringement?

This is a serious issue and can get you into a lot of trouble. BookRix is protected if a member violates copyright or plagiarism laws. It’s up to you, as a member, to protect yourself from getting sued and paying A LOT of money.

BookRix has been flagged with many members who are in violation. We have also been flagged by the individual authors and artists who have found their own work on BookRix. Some have taken legal action against the members who may have plagiarized their work or have used their art in books and covers.

If BookRix is notified, about books on your profile, that you do not own the rights to, they will be removed immediately. If this offense is continued, your account will be deleted without warning.

Below is what could happen to you if you break copyright laws.

Be smart and protect yourself. It’s your responsibility.

Monetary Damages

• If you are found guilty of deliberately breaking or "infringing" copyright law, the owner of the copyrighted material can sue you for monetary damages. Damages in this case means the amount of money the owner lost due to a lack of sales of their materials because you were offering it without copyright. For example, if the owner claims and can prove a loss of $15,000, he can sue you for that sum.

Statutory Damages

• You may also have to pay statutory damages based on the value of each movie, piece of music or other material for which you broke the copyright. "Willful infringement"--meaning that you deliberately stole copyrighted material--can cost you $900 to $300,000 per work stolen. "Innocent infringement," in which you are deemed to have done the copyright breaking without intent, can still cost you $300 to $150,000 in statutory damages.


• Judges can also impose fines on individuals convicted of copyright infringement. According to the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005, individuals convicted of peer-to-peer sharing of movies, music or other materials worth up to $1,000 in a 6-month period can be given fines of $2,000 per infringement. Convicted individuals can also be banned from file-sharing sites or the entire Internet by injunctions, or orders, from a judge. Repeat offenders, or individuals or companies who are stealing copyrighted materials and selling them for profit, can be fined up to $1,000,000.

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