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Religion Vs Spirituality
Ritesh Prasad Religion Vs Spirituality
  • Philosophy
  • English
  • 734 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 127
  • 0
Religion and Spirituality have often been misunderstood, though they sound synonym but when we deep dive into the [more]

Keywords: Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy

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Wissenschaft und Religion
Phil Humor Wissenschaft und Religion
  • Poetry
  • German
  • 114 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 511
  • 4
Vielleicht ist die wahre Magie noch gar nicht entdeckt? Wenn die Wissenschaft die Religion entdeckt. Finden das Jenseits im Zentrum [more]

Keywords: Wissenschaft, Religion, Zentrum, Jenseits, Magie

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Religion und Politik
Karl Glanz Religion und Politik
  • Philosophy
  • German
  • 7487 Words
  • Ages 10 and up
  • 36
  • 0
Wie war das bloß möglich, dass eine Religion wie das Christentum, in deren Heiliger Schrift, der Bibel, so [more]

Keywords: Kirche, Gott, Religion, Politik, Interessen, Papst, Kommunisnus, Anarchie, Jesus, Römer, Juden, Geschichte


Religion And Politics
Karl Glanz Religion And Politics
  • Philosophy
  • English
  • 8445 Words
  • Ages 10 and up
  • 29
  • 0
What was it just possible that a religion like Christianity, is in their holy book, the Bible, so [more]

Keywords: religion, jesus, romans, history, revolution, freedom, corruption, business, profit, money, pop, politics


Religion oder Evangelium
Wilhelm Pahls Religion oder Evangelium

Best.-Nr. 22-0

  • Religion
  • German
  • 6852 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 165
  • 0
Religion ist eine Suche nach Gott. Das Evangelium dagegen ist die frohe Botschaft, dass Jesus auf der Suche [more]

Keywords: Religion, Evangelium, Bibel, Jesus, Christus, Gott, Sohn, Gottes, Buch, Lesen, Kirche, Gemeinde

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Peddo-Religion >=) °^°
Peddo-Religion >=) °^°
  • 8 Members
GEHEILIGT SEI DER PEDDO-GOTT!! Eine Religion ausschließlich für Peddos wie ich ^^ Eintritt für allo Peddo-Tiere mit Peddo-Absichten ^^
OTAKU Religion
OTAKU Religion
  • 5 Members
Dies ist die Gruppe unserer nun gegründeten neuen Otaku Religion. Der heilige Gott Yato hat uns den himmlischen Manga 'Noragami' herab geschickt und die Otaku Encyclopedia in die Hände gelegt. Unser Messiahs ist die großartige Familie der Dangos. Und genau wie sie, sind auch wir eine wunderbare Familie. Das wichtigste Fest der Otaku Religion ist der 5. Januar als Geburtsdatums von Noragami und somit auch unserem Gott Yato. An diesem Tag wird ein großes Fest gefeiert zu Ehren von dem Gott Yato. Weitere Feste folgen noch.
Andyismus, The New Religion.
Andyismus, The New Religion.
  • 10 Members
An alle Black Veil Brides Members, Outlaws und Rebellen! Hier ist eine Gruppe, die ihr lieben werdet! Unsere eigene Religion! Der Andyismus!! Wir glauben an Andy (und an BVB natürlich!) und seinen Überzeugungen! Seine Musik und seine Verhaltensweisen! Diese Gruppe, ist NICHT dazu da über Gott zu lästern!!!
  • 125 Members
Hier reden wir über Spiritualität, Religion, Esoterik, Glück, Meditation und den Sinn des Lebens.
Die Kirche...
Die Kirche...
  • 5 Members
spielte in der Literatur schon immer eine gewichtige Rolle. In den letzten Jahren gab es eine Flut von Romanen zum Thema Kirche und Religion. Jeder, den dieses Thema interessiert, ist hier herzlich willkommen!

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Rejection Prevention

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Here are some steps you can take to prevent your eBook from being rejected:


Put some effort into your eBook cover. A great cover can sell twice as many eBooks than one with a poor cover. It’s the first thing your reader sees and it’s often the first thing you book is judged on.

Be sure the images used on your cover (as well as images used inside your eBook) belong to you and are not protected by copyright. If you are unsure, we strongly recommend creating your own cover art or soliciting someone to create a cover for you.

Using a high quality image is essential for your book cover. Avoid images that are too small as these images can appear pixilated when enlarged for your book cover. Also avoid using images that contain text as it can conflict  with the title of your book and look unprofessional.

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When a potential reader views your book, the first thing they read after the title is your book description. Don’t overlook this step. You want to entice your reader by being creative and using descriptive words. Focus on what you want to say, choose your sentences carefully, and make it count.

Books with generic or weak blurbs can be rejected. Put some thought this space. You have a minimum of 140 characters and a maximum of 3000. If you need some inspiration or ideas, look up some of your favorite books and read the synopsis.

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If the image is not owned by you, or you have not received permission from the owner to use the image, don’t use it.

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A table of contents is automatically generated for your book (with a minimum of cover, body of your text and the imprint), when the chapter feature is used, and you will not need to create an additional table of contents. If you enabled the Chapter function and entered a table of contents manually in your text area, please remove the manual table of contents as this can cause your eBook to be rejected.

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Your eBook will be rejected from external shops if you post links to books and/or products within your book. In addition, you are not permitted to mention names of online shops. Books containing names to online shops, such as iTunes or Barnes & Noble, will also be rejected.

Authors are free to insert links to their author page, sources for education and finance, help sites, businesses, etc., However “Direct-to-buy” links are not permitted.

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Presentation is everything.

Words on a page attract a reader but the way they are laid out on a page is equally important. The formatting of your eBook is essential to it being well received.

Most external shops have formatting standards that they require all authors to abide by. Stores like iTunes will reject books that have more than 2 line breaks and/or page breaks. This extra spaceing can cause blank pages in an eReader. Colored or bold fonts can also cause a book to be rejected.

Most eReaders are designed to break words for you. When a word at the end of a line doesn’t fit properly, don’t worry. Continue typing and the BookRix  editor will break a word when necessary. This also applies to hitting the “Enter” key on your keyboard and manually breaking a word. Doing this will distort your text and can cause your eBook to be rejected.

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Hate Messages

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Illegal Activity

Illegal activity is not permitted.

Books containing illegal activity such as pedophilia, how-to’s for crimes, etc., will be rejected unless depicted in the plot of the story.

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Determine the appropriate price for your eBook.

A good thing to consider when pricing your book is the number of pages it contains. For example, if you penned a short story and intend to sell it for a high dollar amount, a potential buyer could be turned off by the price. If your book is priced too high, you may receive a message from us encouraging you to adjust it.

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