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Welcome to RockClan! My name is Graystar I am leader of the Clan. To join post a reply to the create a cat thread. Roleplaying and talking about the books is permitted here but please not promoting your own books. Here is out clan: Leader: Graystar(skysky.bluestar) Medicine Cat: Med. Cat Apprentice: Warriors: Mistfire(Tigerstar) Yellowdust(Tigerstar)Specklefur(chocolatemeerkat) Cinderleaf(chocolatemeerkat)SilverTail(coollps1234r5678) Tigerstripe(skysky.bluestar) Bluefeather(skysky.bluestar)Ivyheart(skysky.bluestar0 Apprentices: Queens: Kits: Stonekit(tigerstar)Smallkit(coolps1234r5678) Elders: Our territory consists of moonpool where med. cats and leaders go to speak with starclan. A two-leg den, forest, a small bit of open moor, and a river.
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