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eBooks „Super Powers“

130 eBooks were found for the search term „Super Powers“.

Books (130)

Mirror Image
Heather Fledderus Mirror Image
  • Science Fiction
  • English
  • 1473 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 264
  • 4
Alice Cook has worked at Bethel Hospital extended care unit as a PSW for five years now. For [more]

Keywords: supernatural, super powers

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A strange day
Kamen Lowell A strange day
  • Fantasy
  • English
  • 6915 Words
  • Ages 10 and up
  • 242
  • 0
Timothy was just an ordinary boy until one day,when the most unexplainable thing happens to him.He realizes he [more]

Keywords: super powers, funny, weird

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The Numbers
Evercaptivating The Numbers

Super Mini-Power Contest: 504 Words

  • Romance
  • English
  • 508 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 391
  • 4
There are many powers humans have that are not recognized. Daily we share smiles that become contagious, laughter [more]

Keywords: Super Powers, Romance, Love, Abuse

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Number 5 : The Journal of Amy Gray
fallenangel121212 Number 5 : The Journal of Amy Gray

Dear Diary

  • Thriller
  • English
  • 5627 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 304
  • 15
What do you do when your whole life is changed overnight? That's what its like for Amy. [more]

Keywords: journal, diary, super powers, prisoner, dear diary

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The Color Blue
Kaylah Kirk The Color Blue
  • Drama
  • English
  • 2 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 209
  • 3
A young girl has yet to discover that she has an immortal father and a mother who abandoned [more]

Keywords: Romance Adventure Happy Endings Sad Endings Immortality Super powers

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Demon in the Snow
Heather Fledderus Demon in the Snow
  • Fantasy
  • English
  • 33144 Words
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 1028
  • 22
A dark alley, several guys, one girl, and a bad feeling. In a world where demons feast freely [more]

Keywords: demon, demonslayer, reformed demon, super powers, war, Crimson Dragon

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Elaina H Revolutionary
  • Drama
  • English
  • 11708 Words
  • Ages 8 and up
  • 296
  • 5

Keywords: war, love, politics, super, powers, abilities, nuclear, radioactive, rebels, attacks, generals, USA, Revolutionary, revolution, revolt

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Haley Elizabeth Rarity

A U.G.I. Society Novel

  • Fantasy
  • English
  • 30104 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 1445
  • 30
Vannah considers herself an average teenage girl she's boy crazy and loves a good pool party except [more]

Keywords: Mermaids, Shape Shifter, Super Powers, Fantasy, Experiments, Love, Uniquely Gene'd Individuals, Betrayal, Spy, Missions

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mega man!
vincent garrett mega man!
  • Adventure
  • English
  • 188 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 307
  • 1
it's about how super heros get there super powers

Keywords: o-mega

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Phantom Keys:
Vernon Scott Phantom Keys:

The Story Begins

  • Fiction
  • English
  • 22796 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 529
  • 9
Phantom Keys is mostly about a brother and sister who discover they have special powers. Giovanni and Gwendolyn [more]

Keywords: Phantom, keys, vernon, scott, trealmon, omicron, book, organization, mystery, fiction, fantasy, super, powers, brother, sister, thief, detective, music, [more]

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