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100 Romantic Text Messages
Godspower Elishason 100 Romantic Text Messages

Spicing Your Love Life

  • Romance
  • English
  • 3233 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 400
  • 1
THE POWER OF WORDS IN A RELATIONSHIP Relationships, as firm as they may seem, are fragile. Learn how the [more]

Keywords: love, romance, text, text messages, sms, relationship, power, power of words, words


Alt Text Writing
Kalai Selvi Arivalagan Alt Text Writing

an IELTS task

  • Study Aids
  • English
  • 3130 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 890
  • 4
How to write better Alt Text - a branch in content writing - here are some ideas that [more]

Keywords: #diagrams, #charts, #graphs, #images, #alttext

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Scott Stewart, Dj DXC Chapter 2 (OFFICIAL TEXT)

I will not bow

  • Adventure
  • English
  • 789 Words
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 234
  • 0
OH NO! the Valentine's Dance is Today. Dekkusu does not have a date. What will he do? he [more]

Keywords: tff, twist of the fated family, ch2, i will not bow, scott stewart, sms, dxc, D3X1K AXYZ

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A Text-Book of Astronomy
George C. Comstock A Text-Book of Astronomy
  • Fiction
  • English
  • 110331 Words
  • Ages 18 and up
  • 2
  • 0
The present work is not a compendium of astronomy or an outline course of popular reading in that science. [more]

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Sie liebt ihre Lehrerin - überarbeitet, neuer Text
Stephanie Göhre Sie liebt ihre Lehrerin - überarbeitet, neuer Text
  • Romance
  • German
  • 716 Words
  • Ages 18 and up
  • 140
  • 5
Neuer Text, diesmal Mit der Sicht der Lehrerin. Komplett überarbeitet und neu verfasst. Bin für Lob und Kritik [more]

Keywords: lesbisch, liebe, schule, comingout, hilfe, freunde, wahre freunde, klasse, kameraden, angst

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Groups (19)

Text Club
Text Club
  • 41 Members
For kids who speak text
Text Art Fans
Text Art Fans
  • 13 Members
If you are into text art, or just like seeing cool pictures out of normal stuf, then this is the group for you.
drabbels & short stories
drabbels & short stories
  • 7 Members
drabbels sind eine feine sache. manchmal aber wäre der ganze text ruiniert, wenn s gerade nicht 100 sind. dann ist es eben eine short story (ich sage auch gerne microessay dazu). der begriff kurzgeschichte ist ja leider ein bisschen aus der mode gekommen - schade. viele meinungen dazu sind willkommen!
Lese Lebe Schreibe - mit Musik !!!
Lese Lebe Schreibe - mit Musik !!!
  • 62 Members
Meine Gruppe zum Vorstellen persönlicher Werke, zum Diskutieren und Austauschen, träumen mit Musikvideos. Jeder darf sich hier breitmachen, ich möchte nur, dass sein Werk vorgestellt wird, Beweggründe, warum dieser Text und kein anderer, was war der Hintergrund, was war der Auslöser - viel Freude an diesem gemeinsamen Projekt !
  • 2 Members
In letzter Zeit scheint es immer öfter vorzukommen: Buchklau. Einige Geschichtendiebe gehen dabei ziemlich schlau vor und verändern die wichtigsten Namen und Orte. Andere kopieren einfach irgendeinen Text. Konfrontationen scheuen sie. Wie kann man seine Werke zumindest ein bisschen schützen? Was tun, wenn das eigene Buch geklaut wird?

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Edit Book Content
Edit Book Content

Edit Book Content will take you to the BookRix editor where you can either upload a file or add text directly.

How to upload a file

BookRix makes it easy for you to upload your work to our site. If you already have a file in your computer, you can use the File Upload button which inserts the text into in our BookRix Editor. Currently we support the following formats: .doc, .docx, .odt, txt, .rtf, .epub. To make things even simpler, if you use the Heading feature in Microsoft Word, the heading text will automatically be converted into chapter titles. You can also include images in the file you are uploading.

Once you’ve uploaded your file, you can use our BookRix editor to make updates, modify your text or add new chapters to your book. Please see the section below for more information regarding our BookRix editor.

Important: If you choose to edit an existing book and decide to upload an additional file, it will replace all the previously stored book content.

Tip: To help you create a perfect ePub file and prevent getting your eBook rejected from sale, please carefully read through our ePub Style Guide

How to Use Our BookRix Editor

The best thing about our BookRix Editor is that it’s so simple to use. If you want to create your book from scratch, click the Type in Content button to begin using the BookRix Editor. This is the same page you would see after selecting file upload.

In this section, you can Add New Chapter, Delete chapters (select the trash can icon) and even change the order of your chapters. This can be done by dragging the arrow button near the Chapter numbers up or down.

Once text has been added to the chapter field, you can make other changes using the tool bar. Options from left to right: Alter text with Bold, Italic, and Underline; Change text alignment from left (default), center or right; Undo or redo an action; Add an image or link; Show/hide block elements (this displays each time of text inside a block). If you aren’t sure what a tool is used for, simply hover your mouse over the icon and a description will appear.

Tip:  Always save your changes.

My book is taking forever to upload. Why is that?
My book is taking forever to upload. Why is that?

Sometimes your computer gets tired. No, but really, if you are using the file upload option, your file may be too big. Files up to 8 MB are generally easy to upload. Anything above that will have difficulty getting uploaded to the site. Please try to break down your books into a series of books, or copy and paste the text instead if this is the case.

Edit Book Info
Edit Book Info

Edit Book Info allows you to complete the following:

Author name(s), book title, subtitle, blurb/synopsis (minimum 140 characters, maximum 3000 characters), dedication and keywords. You can also select a book category (genre), recommended reading age, and language.

Below this area, you will find the Copyright Information & Acknowledgements section. Here you can enter the copyright holder for any applicable text or images, along with the name of your editor, proofreader and/or translator (if applicable).

Tip: Always save your changes

Edit Cover
Edit Cover

Edit Cover will give you three cover options:

(1) BookRix Stock Covers

BookRix provides some free stock images that can be used as temporary book covers. We do not recommend using these images on books placed for sale. From this option you can adjust your text location, font, and size to best customize your title, subtitle and author name placement on your cover.

(2) Getty Images

If you are planning on publishing a book for sale, it's very important to have a higher quality cover to prevent your book from being rejected. BookRix has partnered up with Getty Images to supply you with over 1 million images for cover art that you can use for your BookRix books (free or sale books).

There is a cost associated with these images that covers the cost of the license for commercial use, however we encourage you to browse these images as the cost is minimal.

Click HERE for more details.

(3) Your Own Images

If you created a book cover image and saved it to your computer, you can upload it using the My Own Cover option and then click the Upload Images button. By selecting Adjust Image to Cover you image will be fit to our eBook cover dimensions.

If your image does not include your book title, please select  Image and Text Only option.  By selecting Adjust Image to Cover you image will be fit to our eBook cover dimensions. From this option you can adjust your text location, font, and size to best customize your title, subtitle and author name placement on your cover.

Tip: Our exact cover measurements are 450 x 550 pixels, so if your image is too small it will appear pixelated, if it’s too thin it will appear stretched, etc. Books for sale are required to have higher quality images of a minimum of 1100 pixels wide.

Tip: Always save your changes.

Sell Your eBook
Sell Your eBook

Ok, so you’ve made all the necessary edits and spell checks. You’ve uploaded a high quality cover, and you’ve completed all the items within our Rejection Prevention section. Now you're ready to sell your eBook!

Once you have filled out all the required information in the Book Content, Book Info and Book Cover sections, please select All Shops* and then click Sell Book. Choose your sale price, check the box that you have read our Author Agreement, and then click Sell Book.You can also change which currency your book is sold in.

If any information is missing within the required fields, you will receive an alert indicating which sections require your attention. A pink line surrounding the Edit Book Content, Edit Book Info and/or Edit Cover buttons will direct you to the appropriate area.

*Remember - If you have already sold your eBook on Amazon, we will need the ASIN number associated with your ebook on their site in order to proceed.

Important: Your personal information within My Account Details must be complete in order for BookRix to successfully send your royalty payment.

Tip: If you are having any difficulty with your book formatting, please read through our ePub Style Guide

Tip: For tips on how to market your eBook, please visit our Marketing Guide.

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