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Groups „amber“

3 groups were found for the search term „amber“.

Groups (3)

Ohne Dich gehts auch ganz gut
Ohne Dich gehts auch ganz gut
  • 8 Members
Die Gruppe zum Fortsetzungsroman. Klappentext: Amber sitzt in einer Beziehung fest, in der sich nur einer wohl fühlt; ihr Freund Eric. Als er sie nicht zur Verabredung abholt, sieht Amber erstmals keinen Grund, warum sie nicht allein Ausgehen sollte. Doch am Ende dieses Abends ist sie sich nicht sicher, ob das eine gute Idee war ... Der Einfachheit halber, damit ich die Interessenten bei Fortsetzungen leichter informieren kann, eröffne ich diese Gruppe.
Waterclan RP
Waterclan RP
  • 12 Members
Hi I am Creekstar the leader of Waterclan. Choose a name and use () when not roleplaying. I made this group kind of based on my book, but you can make your very own kit,apprentice,elder, or warrior. I will choose the deputy and medicine cat. Thanks if you join. I will be Creekstar and a kit named Turtlekit. Creekstar: Gray tom with green/blue eyes Turtlekit: Tortoiseshell kit with amber eyes Camp: Leader's den: A cave underneath a small waterfall in a little pond Warrior's den: A scoop in the earth with reeds as the walls and around the edges mud so water won't go in Nursery: A reed den farthest away from the entrance Elder's den: A hollowed out log by the nursery Apprentice's den: An old badger set underneath tree roots A little stream runs through the middle of the camp. Other clans: Riverclan, Thunderclan, Shadowclan, and Windclan
AzureClan Roleplay
AzureClan Roleplay
  • 6 Members
Moons and moons and moons after the Four Clans died out, another arised, along with NightClan. This Clan is named AzureClan. AzureClan is mainly forest, with some mountainous and flatland territory included. AzureClan also has special, ceremonial places such as the Starfalls, the Badgerfield and The Great River. Current cats in AzureClan are.. Leader: Owlstar - A dark brown she-cat with a white tail tip and yellow eyes (CookieRaider) Deputy: No one yet. Medicine Cat: No one yet. Medicine Cat Apprentice: No one yet. Elders: None yet. Queens: None yet. Warriors: None yet. Apprentices: Snakepaw - A dark grey tom with amber eyes.(CookieRaider) Kits: None yet. Admin(s) of this roleplay is/are: CookieRaider. The group picture was drawn by CookieRaider using Gimp 2.8.
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