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46 search results were found for the search term „aspiring“.

Books (37)

Aspiring Tendencies in Information Management
Martyn Richard Jones-Lovering Aspiring Tendencies in Information Management

Data Warehousing and Decision Support

  • Computers
  • English
  • 2 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 5448
  • 14
This short but intense title addresses a wide range of topics in information management, and in particular topics [more]

Keywords: information management, data warehousing, decision support, politics, philosophy, economics

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Poetry of an Aspiring Freshman
Z.M.G. Poetry of an Aspiring Freshman
  • Poetry
  • English
  • 3156 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 280
  • 2
A simple compilation of my poems from Freshman year. They are far from the best things I have [more]

Keywords: Haiku, Poetry, Freshman

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The Art of Startup
Rittik Chandra The Art of Startup
  • Business & Economics
  • English
  • 40009 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 236
  • 0
“The Art of Startup” is a new approach to business that's being adopted around the world. It [more]

Keywords: startup, entrepreneur, aspiring, mind, entrepreneurship, business, economics, jobs, microsoft, apple, steve, gates, bill, success


10 Lesson of Leadership
Rittik Chandra 10 Lesson of Leadership
  • Business & Economics
  • English
  • 222 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 221
  • 1
10 Lesson of Leadership is essential for every aspiring Leader. This is a very in-depth book that challenges [more]

Keywords: Leadership, lesson


The Art of Thievery
Timur The Art of Thievery
  • Fiction
  • English
  • 2995 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 314
  • 12
Within the vast realm of France, a young man aspiring to join the well known Thieves Guild passes [more]

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Users (1)

  • English
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Groups (4)

Music Writers
Music Writers
  • 13 Members
Are you an aspiring song-writer, not just an author? Would you like feedback on songs you've written? Join Music Writers, a group where all of this is available plus more!
Scribes of the Round Table
Scribes of the Round Table
  • 30 Members
***NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO ENTER A CONTEST!*** Come one, come all! For those who are sorely missing the BookRix contests, go no further! Managed by a group of experienced and practiced users, we offer contests, advice threads, and book swaps for anyone who is interested. As opposed to money prizes, we offer skill contests with prizes that can be invaluable to the aspiring author. Contest prizes offered include: ~A revised book blurb ~Book cover ~New title suggestions ~Book trailer ~First chapter/Prologue review ~Character/plot enhancement And more to come! All are welcome to participate and discuss their works and the works of others.
Writer development and support group, by writers for writers
Writer development and support group, by writers for writers
  • 3 Members
I did not mayor in literature. Truth be told, I am a theologian. I do believe that I still have a lot to learn. That is exactly why I am starting this group. I have picked up on some mistakes other aspiring writers make in their work, and would help to point them out, help my fellow writers grow and develop. I am hoping that some of you would do the same for me. Let us work together, develop our skills and learn to write better stories, prose and poetry
Progressive Writers
Progressive Writers
  • 5 Members
This group is for aspiring writers who understand there is no way to write a story other than your way. There are no formulas to guarantee success. Literature is the least progressive of the arts. 20 years ago: if you wrote a story broadly based on Cinderella but in the finale she left the prince at the alter, saying. "I'm very fond of you but I think your sister, the princess, is way hotter than you. . . and could I get her number?" There's no chance your story would have been mainstream published. This group is about techniques that need to be explored and stories that need to be told. Novel writers are not part of the service industry, telling readers the stories they like to hear, the way they want to hear them.
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FAQs (2)

What is BookRix?
What is BookRix?

BookRix is a free self publishing platform that offers eBook distribution services to independent writers. Our users can share their writing, connect with other readers and discover new stories and authors – all in one place. Upon registration, a new account profile will be created for you. Your personal profile can be customized to your liking and is equipped with all the tools you will need to create your own eBooks, list your favorite literature, promote yourself as an author and publish your work to major online shops.

Technology is constantly in motion. Over the years it has changed the way we play our music, watch movies and discover new content. The freedom that technology offers has inspired us to create a company dedicated to providing independent writers with the means to publish their work without the restrictions traditional publishing houses impose. With that idea firmly planted in our minds, BookRix was born.

BookRix was the first book community to give their writers a platform to promote and sell their work on the web as a published eBook. In addition, indie reading enthusiasts are given access to a fast growing virtual library filled with unique content to read and share among their reading circles.

BookRix is free - plain and simple. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and with our self-publishing services, writers can fully explore their potential. On BookRix you can:

- Publish your eBooks and take pride in your accomplishment!

- Distribute and sell your eBook on major online shops and earn money

- Learn simple ways to market your eBook and become a successful indie author

- Discover other readers and writers with the same passion

- Search the community for interesting group discussions, writing tips and reading recommendations

- Share your ideas, receive feedback and discuss your books and projects

- Write book reviews and provide quality feedback to aspiring writers

- Share your books with others via email, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest

- Browse our virtual library for top rated books. New titles are added every day!

Marketing your eBook
Marketing your eBook

We understand that getting your book published is the first step. The second is getting people to read it. Luckily our community is designed to give authors a built-in audience. Being a BookRix member allows you to make new contacts and connections that provide you with valuable feedback on your work. Our community is unique because we offer objective feedback, which can be difficult to obtain from close friends and family.

Most writers would rather not rely on others to be successful.  With that in mind, we encourage our authors to use the Self Publishing Services offered at BookRix. Below are some practical marketing tips that can help aspiring authors gain readers and aid in the success of their eBook sales.

For more information on each section, please review our complete Marketing Guide.

The Basics

Necessities for a successful eBook:

- A tasteful, high quality cover that will grab the reader’s attention

- A catchy or unique title

- Proper and careful editing

- A fair price set to sell

- A descriptive and well written book blurb/synopsis that will entice the reader

On BookRix

Getting the most from our BookRix community

- Maintain an active presence in the BookRix community by participating in group discussion and writing contests. Engage with users by leaving quality reviews and feedback on their work.Personalize your profile to showcase who you are as a writer

- Personalize your profile to showcase who you are as a writer

- Maintain contact with your readers and community members by answering their questions, responding to comments and messages.

Everywhere else

Promoting yourself outside of BookRix

- Network with other bloggers within the blogging community. Send out ePub files of your book to interested bloggers so they can review it on their blog

- Organize a blog tour – Have your book visit as many blogs as possible in one month to maximize your visibility.

- Create a YouTube account for your author profile. Organize book trailers, live readings and answer fan questions on your videos.

**For more detailed information, please check out our full length Marketing Guide.

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