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53 search results were found for the search term „icon“.

Books (30)

aura portfolio
Aura Shafique aura portfolio

Buchcovers und mehr

  • Design
  • German
  • 146 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 72
  • 1
Es würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr einen Blick hineinwerft. Es ist ein einfaches Buch, ein Buch über Medien/Grafiken [more]

Keywords: buchcover, cover, icon, banner, graphics, gif, anfragen, portfolio

For Free

Full House
K. Heinz Full House

Für imemr wir

  • Humor
  • German
  • 65631 Words
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 220
  • 7
Lesen könnt ihr es auch unter anderem auch auf Buchtrailer zu Full House FF Reihe: Katharinas Traum ist es [more]

Keywords: BTS, J-Hope, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, Rap Monster, Jin, Freunde, Seoul, Freundschaft, Liebe, neues Leben, Musik, No Min Woo, ICON, U-Kiss, Shin Soo Hyun, Infinite, [more]

For Free

Onion Heads
suzzu.lillium Onion Heads

Hallo - Ich bin ein Onion Head

  • Fiction
  • German
  • 2 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 207
  • 2
Eine mini Ansammlung von Onion Heads,eine asiatische Figur die oftmals als Icon oder emoticon genutzt wird.

Keywords: onion head emoticons, asiatisches, Zeichnungen

For Free

Jesse Roman Paparazzi

Smile. Sing. Die.

  • Fiction
  • English
  • 2286 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 221
  • 0
The singing icon of a decade is performing the last concert of her world tour in Los Angeles. [more]

Keywords: Singing, Murder, Songs, Music, Concert, Crime, Mystery

For Free

Women Workers in Seven Professions
Edith J. Morley Women Workers in Seven Professions
  • Fiction
  • English
  • 77188 Words
  • Ages 18 and up
  • 2
  • 0
EDITH J. MORLEY 1914. PREFATORY NOTE The task of collecting and editing the various essays of which this [more]

For Free

Users (2)

  • German
omor faruk icon
omor faruk icon
  • English
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FAQs (10)

How do I remove a book that I already have for sale?
How do I remove a book that I already have for sale?

If you no longer want a sale book to appear on your profile, you must stop the sale of your book via the settings tool icon from your book edit page.  Once the 14 day waiting period has passed, you can edit your book or delete it from the site.

Personal Messages, Notifications, Etc.
Personal Messages, Notifications, Etc.

We recommend staying connected on BookRix. Sending and receiving personal messages, confirming friend requests, participating in group discussions, leaving book comments – all of this information is organized for you within 3 small icons located at the top of your page.

Friend Requests

This icon resembles two people shaking hands and is the first of the 3 icons. This is where you will receive friend requests from community members.

Personal Messages

Personal message come directly to you from other members. They can be sent specifically to you, or they can be sent as a group message to various users at once. To access your personal messages, click the second icon that looks like an envelope at the top of your page. When you click the envelop icon, the first 5 messages from your inbox will be displayed. To view additional messages you can click View All Messages

Within your message inbox, you can view all your incoming messages and get access to your sent mail by selecting Outbox. You can Compose a New Message from this page as well.

You can also send private messages to members by going directly to their profile page and clicking Send Message.

Tip: When composing a new message, you can type the name of the recipient in the recipient field and all names matching the text entered will appear in a list for you to click on. If you want to send a message to all your BookRix friends, you can check the box Send to All Friends

Tip: If you want to only receive messages from your BookRix friends, you can go into My Account Details, then My Account Settings and then check the box I want to receive messages only from my friends.


Notifications are located in the third icon that resembles a horn. This is where you will find new group discussions, friend request confirmations, comments made on your books, members who have added your book to their Favorites, and comments made on your posts in profile and groups.

How do I stop the sale of my book?
How do I stop the sale of my book?

To stop the sale of your book and remove the book from the shops, yuo must go to "My Books" and click on the tool icon for the book that you want to remove. Click on "Stop Sales". Your book could take about 4-8 weeks to be removed completely from the external market. After 14 days, your book will go back to an "In Progress" mode and you can then make chages to the book or delete it from the site.

My Books
My Books

Once you’ve created a book on BookRix you can easily view them by visiting My Books. Here you can see the books you have published for free, on BookRix only, books you’ve placed for sale and books that are still in progress.

The following options are available on this page:

Edit eBooks

In this section you can add book content, book info and a cover image. You can also select a price for your book once you’re ready to sell it.

Publish Your eBook

When you are ready to publish your book (either for free on BookRix only or for sale on external online shops) you can complete the process here.

Undo Publication

If your book is offered for free on BookRix only, you have the option of undoing this within the Edit Book section.

Download Your eBook

Clicking the settings icon will give you various options. You can download your eBook as an ePub file. Remember - you must have an ePub reader installed on your device in order to download and read the book. There are many free ePub readers available online to download if you don’t currently have one.

Book Options

Under the settings icon, Options will give you two choices: You can give readers the ability to download your book (if you’ve offered it for free) and you can allow users to post comments on your book. You can enable and disable these functions here.

Make Your Book Part of a Series

If you are creating a series, you’ll want to link them together. This can be done by clicking the settings icon and selecting Part of a Series.

Stop the Sale of Your eBook

If you published a book for sale in external online shops and wish to remove it, this can be done by clicking the settings icon and selecting Stop Sales. It will take approximately 4 weeks for your eBook to be removed from external shops. Once it has been removed, you can re-edit your book and place it back for sale again

Delete Book

If you no longer want your book on BookRix, you can click the settings icon and select Delete the Book. If your book is for sale in external shops, you will first need to stop the sale of your book (please see Stop the Sale of Your eBook above). Once your eBook has been removed from external shops, you can delete it from BookRix.

Supported eReaders
Supported eReaders


You can download free eBooks to your computer. When the download is complete, you will need to convert it to a file format that works on your Kindle. To download your eBook, go to the book page and click the Download/eReader button. From here, follow the prompts to download the book to your computer as an ePub file. When the download is complete, click here to obtain instructions to convert the ePub file to a Kindle-friendly format.


If your iPhone or iPod touch cannot be updated to IOS 4, you’ll want to install Lexcycle Stansa to read eBooks on your device. Lexcycle Stanza is a freeware program for reading eBooks and is available in two forms: Stanza iPhone/iPod and Stanza Desktop. Stanza iPhone/iPod allows users to manage their library of books on these devices. Click here to download Stanza iPhone/iPod for free:


You can enjoy reading eBooks from your Android device. Here are links that can help you get started:

General eReader

For general eReaders, you’ll want to install Adobe Digital Edition to your computer. Please ensure that you assign yourself with a user ID (you will need this) and follow the instructions to download a free book. Connect your eReader device to your computer and launch Adobe Digital Edition. Your eReader icon will appear on the lower left panel. Drag the downloaded file to Adobe Digital Edition and then drag the image of your ebook to the eReader icon. When complete, close Adobe and eject/disconnect your eReader

Manage your eBooks

Calibre is a free and open source eBook computer software that organizes, saves, and manages eBooks, supporting a variety of formats. It also supports eBook syncing with a variety of popular eBook readers and will, within DRM restrictions, convert eBooks between differing formats.

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