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1848 search results were found for the search term „important“.

Books (1816)


I'm Sorry!

  • Drama
  • English
  • 306 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 251
  • 2
This is important to everyone who reads my books and shizz. You have to read this or you [more]

Keywords: I'm, So, Fudgeing, Sorry, Guys!

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A List of What's Important
sensen15 A List of What's Important
  • Philosophy
  • English
  • 631 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 558
  • 5
A glad heart ... loving toward my family ... serving in my local community It is so important to get [more]

Keywords: Choose gentleness and peace

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Important Update!!
Cakesterfun Important Update!!
  • Encyclopedia
  • English
  • 108 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 266
  • 2
Just a little update on my books. Look inside of this book to find out more. p.s. did [more]

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Important tips to Acheter Pokemon Soleil
Press Start Important tips to Acheter Pokemon Soleil


  • Computers
  • English
  • 517 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 164
  • 1
Video games are the great source of entertainment. Irrespective of age people like to play video games. Today [more]

Keywords: Acheter Xbox gift card 50 euros, Acheter Playstation Plus 365 jours, Acheter Pokemon Soleil

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Sermons on Various Important Subjects
Andrew Lee Sermons on Various Important Subjects
  • Fiction
  • English
  • 95774 Words
  • Ages 18 and up
  • 2
  • 0
"But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and god hath chosen [more]

For Free

Users (2)

  • English
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Groups (12)

V.I.K. Very Important Krimis
V.I.K. Very Important Krimis
  • 20 Members
Die besten Tatwaffen, Tatorte und Morde wählen, einen monatlichen Krimi-Schreibwettbewerb und Spannung. Auch für Horror und Thriller geeignet.
  • 5 Members
ParkastMedia! Your ultimate hub for all important gaming and media news! What's special about! You are journalist here! post whatever you want to post. Have fun!
Underdog Books
Underdog Books
  • 17 Members
This group is dedicated to the books which are amazing, but do not recieve many hearts. Please see our rules of adding books to this group in the important posts below! Thank you! :D
The dreamers Believe
The dreamers Believe
  • 15 Members
You post inspirational things not crap important messages and life, love and dreams make this like a private/public diary tell me how u feel and your wants and desires
Book Previews
Book Previews
  • 20 Members
Anyone who's working on a book but don't have it up yet is welcomed to post up a kind of preview.... Like post up character bios or give bits and pieces of the book kind of like what movie previews do before the movie comes out.... Don't give up a lot of info though like nothing too important and please I ask anyone who is in this group not to steal ideas from others

FAQs (9)

Is there a length/word count requirement in order to put my book up for sale?
Is there a length/word count requirement in order to put my book up for sale?

Very short books have a tendency to be rejected from external shops because they feel that there is not enough content to justify a cost for the book. We abide by industry standards and currently most online shops require a minimum of 2000 words to publish a book.

Remember, your book blurb is required to be a minimum of 140 (max 3000) characters. This blurb is important to catch the potential readers attention to want to read/buy your book. So use your words! If you're lacking inspiration, take a look at some of the book descriptions of your favorite books written by your favorite authors and see how they did it.

BookRix Social Media
BookRix Social Media

If you want to stay updated on the latest BookRix news, add our social media channels to your network. As an author it’s important to gain visibility. We encourage our writers to tap into our existing resources to gain readers and fans. Here are our current stats:

Facebook - 9,600+
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Blog - All 500,000+ members in our community have access to our blog

My Profile
My Profile

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BookRix community members can visit your profile page, write posts and leave comments.

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BookRix community members are free to add posts and comments on other member profiles. You have the ability to remove a comment or post from your profile, mark them as important, or disable additional comments on a post. Just click the settings icon to the right of the post and you will see Delete, Mark as Important Post (this will keep the post at the top of your profile) and Disable Additional Comments.

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Sell Your eBook
Sell Your eBook

Ok, so you’ve made all the necessary edits and spell checks. You’ve uploaded a high quality cover, and you’ve completed all the items within our Rejection Prevention section. Now you're ready to sell your eBook!

Once you have filled out all the required information in the Book Content, Book Info and Book Cover sections, please select All Shops* and then click Sell Book. Choose your sale price, check the box that you have read our Author Agreement, and then click Sell Book.You can also change which currency your book is sold in.

If any information is missing within the required fields, you will receive an alert indicating which sections require your attention. A pink line surrounding the Edit Book Content, Edit Book Info and/or Edit Cover buttons will direct you to the appropriate area.

*Remember - If you have already sold your eBook on Amazon, we will need the ASIN number associated with your ebook on their site in order to proceed.

Important: Your personal information within My Account Details must be complete in order for BookRix to successfully send your royalty payment.

Tip: If you are having any difficulty with your book formatting, please read through our ePub Style Guide

Tip: For tips on how to market your eBook, please visit our Marketing Guide.

Edit Cover
Edit Cover

Edit Cover will give you three cover options:

(1) BookRix Stock Covers

BookRix provides some free stock images that can be used as temporary book covers. We do not recommend using these images on books placed for sale. From this option you can adjust your text location, font, and size to best customize your title, subtitle and author name placement on your cover.

(2) Getty Images

If you are planning on publishing a book for sale, it's very important to have a higher quality cover to prevent your book from being rejected. BookRix has partnered up with Getty Images to supply you with over 1 million images for cover art that you can use for your BookRix books (free or sale books).

There is a cost associated with these images that covers the cost of the license for commercial use, however we encourage you to browse these images as the cost is minimal.

Click HERE for more details.

(3) Your Own Images

If you created a book cover image and saved it to your computer, you can upload it using the My Own Cover option and then click the Upload Images button. By selecting Adjust Image to Cover you image will be fit to our eBook cover dimensions.

If your image does not include your book title, please select  Image and Text Only option.  By selecting Adjust Image to Cover you image will be fit to our eBook cover dimensions. From this option you can adjust your text location, font, and size to best customize your title, subtitle and author name placement on your cover.

Tip: Our exact cover measurements are 450 x 550 pixels, so if your image is too small it will appear pixelated, if it’s too thin it will appear stretched, etc. Books for sale are required to have higher quality images of a minimum of 1100 pixels wide.

Tip: Always save your changes.

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