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eBooks „pointless“

13 eBooks were found for the search term „pointless“.

Books (13)

A bored girl tropes her life
Tal Lingenua A bored girl tropes her life

She also seeks to do tropes

  • Fiction
  • English
  • 3089 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 546
  • 5
Exactly What It Says on the Tin. This is what happens when people are bored... April is likewise bored, so [more]

Keywords: April, tvtropes, pointless

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Musing Of A Would Be Hermit
Sixto Ofnine Musing Of A Would Be Hermit

My Views On Reality And My Other Pointless Points Of View

  • Philosophy
  • English
  • 26928 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 17
  • 0
Musing on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Stupid, Musing #1, Musing #2, Musing #3, Musing #4, Musing #5, Musing #6, Musing #8, Musing #9, Musing [more]


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Langelaan . Guilt
  • Short Story
  • English
  • 2833 Words
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 205
  • 0
It is pointless to talk about things that have happened. It is useless to admonish about things [more]

Keywords: crime, guilt, confession, free

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We All Rot
Ivy Bernat We All Rot

Where's Philosophy?

  • Psychology
  • English
  • 1249 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 448
  • 8
A short story about a woman who thinks she has all the answers. However in this story she [more]

Keywords: Suicide, love, romance, death, dying

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The Gifts
Toni Castillo Girona The Gifts
  • Short Story
  • English
  • 2758 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 786
  • 1
This is a nihilistic solipsist short story telling about romance, loneliness, friendship and all of what we considered [more]

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Animal Testing: Why it is morally offensive
JB Animal Testing: Why it is morally offensive

“The different types of animal testing and why they are morally wrong”

  • Literary Collections
  • English
  • 1078 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 5482
  • 15
This is a paper I wrote my freshman year of college on anmial testing. It is wrong to [more]

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Damien's Foxy Tails
xxLoisKentxx Damien's Foxy Tails
  • Fiction
  • English
  • 3319 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 273
  • 4
Damien always wished his fake fox tail was real and an part of him, that way nobody could [more]

Keywords: mxm fox gay love hurt comfort metamorphic

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Reaching Danny
Dorche Harris Reaching Danny
  • Short Story
  • English
  • 26307 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 350
  • 2
Now that Danny had returned home from the most tragic event of her life, she had to pick [more]

Keywords: depression, romance, love, short story, biography, fiction, erotic


Coterie: Requiem Within
Shadid Shihab Sofen Coterie: Requiem Within

When your family turns to ashes and you can trust no one, what is the difference between love and a lie?

  • Fantasy
  • English
  • 2 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 231
  • 1
Want some dinner? I got something for you. Your heart. On a stick. Now do you want that [more]

Keywords: lewis, rain, arya, danu, tuatha, de, dannan, fionn, mac, cumhail, sadhbh, markus, celtic, mythology, war, love, blood, family, [more]

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Valley of Death & Zombies
William R. Bebb Valley of Death & Zombies
  • Horror
  • English
  • 1 Words
  • Ages 18 and up
  • 137
  • 7
Just a few miles outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, there's something horribly wrong in a remote valley. To [more]

Keywords: zombie, zombies, zombieland, scary, adventure, undead, walking dead, stephen king, dean koontz, world war z

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