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141 search results were found for the search term „rejected“.

Books (127)

nice guy rejected again
flipper66 nice guy rejected again

Stew's life as a nice guy

  • Short Story
  • English
  • 2 Words
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 219
  • 0
James was stuttering profusely while facing the girl he was so desperate to ask out on a date [more]

Keywords: nice, rejected

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Rejected Addresses
James ., Horace Smith Rejected Addresses

The New Theatrum Poetarum

  • Fiction
  • English
  • 28495 Words
  • Ages 18 and up
  • 2
  • 0
Horace (born Horatio) Smith (31 December 1779 – 12 July 1849) was an English poet and novelist, perhaps [more]

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My Rejected Heart
Soccerluv4 * My Rejected Heart
  • Romance
  • English
  • 41651 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 54372
  • 1289
[FORMERLY KNOWN AS SHATTERED] Arianna Mitchell has always been the pack's most hated werewolf. Everyone picked on her, everyone [more]

Keywords: love, mates, abuse, werewolf, shy, romance

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R.G Teongson Cliche?

She was rejected by her soulmate

  • Fantasy
  • English
  • 2346 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 2835
  • 95
I was rejected- my soulmate. He was suppose to be my other half but that half remained empty. [more]

Keywords: rejected, were, werewolf, shifter, die, drugs, alcohol, sex, friends, brother, pack, alpha, beta, omega, leave, left, cry, hurt, [more]

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Omorefe Loveth SAMANTHA

Rejected Female

  • Adventure
  • English
  • 5886 Words
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 5
  • 0
Samantha is a story of an African female child who was rejected by her own Father because of [more]

Keywords: Court room, adjourned, hostillity, substantial, trauma, uproar, gushed, undying.


Groups (2)

The rejected and the lost.
The rejected and the lost.
  • 215 Members
This is for all the rejects. For all the people who been beaten. This is for everyone like me. This is for all the ones who been hurt. This is for everyone who isn't afraid to stand alone. This is for everyone like you whose been put down. This is for everyone who ever had a struggle. This is for those who had been laugh at. This is for everyone who treats you as if your garbage. This is for everyone who took a chance to make it to the top. This is for everyone who never gave up after a mess up. This for everyone like me who stood their ground to those act better than us. This is for all those who fell down but got back up. This is for all the silent hero's the world hasn't met yet. This is for everyone who never let go. This is for those who never care. This is for all the one's who been broken. This is for all the one's who been used. This is for all the one's who plan to never yield to those that discriminant. This is for everyone one whose never gonna let them win.
Super-Collab (Full) (All further applications will be rejected)
Super-Collab (Full) (All further applications will be rejected)
  • 2 Members
(My basic idea for it at the moment. It will probably change) The magazine FC Gazette is quite a popular magazine in the world of authors, it contains all the latest news, writing techniques, hints, tips and interviews with famous authors. But, most of its popularity lie in the fact that it is unique. The four young adults that write the magazine are just as unique. While their relationship may seem rocky at times, their crazy lives depend on it.
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FAQs (6)

Can my book get rejected by third pary shops, even after BookRix approves it?
Can my book get rejected by third pary shops, even after BookRix approves it?

Yes, most online stores have their own review team that will time to post books on their site because they go through the all the books to make sure there are no spelling/grammar mistakes and that the quality of the covers are acceptable. They also will double check if the rights of the author are true and that there's no copyright infringement. This is more of a reason to make sure that your book is perfect before deciding to put it up for sale.

In addition, we have stated in our Terms of Service that no offensive material can be sold. Each book that gets put up for sale in the external markets gets reviewed and can be rejected from sale if our Terms of Service are violated.

 If my book gets rejected for any reason can I make my corrections to that same book and put it for sale again?
If my book gets rejected for any reason can I make my corrections to that same book and put it for sale again?

Yes, of course you can. If your book gets rejected and doesn’t meet the criteria for sale, you will receive an email from BookRix support informing why your ebook was rejected. Your book will then be set to "revise" mode, which means only you as the author can view the book. At that point, you can make your edits/corrections and put your book back up for sale once again for a second review. If your book is continually resubmitted without the necessary changes, we will no longer consider it for review.

Is there a length/word count requirement in order to put my book up for sale?
Is there a length/word count requirement in order to put my book up for sale?

Very short books have a tendency to be rejected from external shops because they feel that there is not enough content to justify a cost for the book. We abide by industry standards and currently most online shops require a minimum of 2000 words to publish a book.

Remember, your book blurb is required to be a minimum of 140 (max 3000) characters. This blurb is important to catch the potential readers attention to want to read/buy your book. So use your words! If you're lacking inspiration, take a look at some of the book descriptions of your favorite books written by your favorite authors and see how they did it.

Rejection Prevention
Rejection Prevention

Rejection Prevention - BookRix, as well as external shops, have quality control over the books placed for sale. Books that don't pass quality inspection will be rejected. When this occurs, they are not sent for distribution to our external shops and they cannot be purchased.

Here are some steps you can take to prevent your eBook from being rejected:


Put some effort into your eBook cover. A great cover can sell twice as many eBooks than one with a poor cover. It’s the first thing your reader sees and it’s often the first thing you book is judged on.

Be sure the images used on your cover (as well as images used inside your eBook) belong to you and are not protected by copyright. If you are unsure, we strongly recommend creating your own cover art or soliciting someone to create a cover for you.

Using a high quality image is essential for your book cover. Avoid images that are too small as these images can appear pixilated when enlarged for your book cover. Also avoid using images that contain text as it can conflict  with the title of your book and look unprofessional.

Hate messages and/or symbols, sexually explicit images or images containing illegal activity are not permitted.

If you are looking for graphic programs, ideas, tips or even someone to create a cover for you, check out our Art Writers group on BookRix:

For more helpful information about covers, please click here:

Grammar & Spelling

Good writing involves proper grammar and accurate spelling.

We recommend that you have various readers review your work prior to publishing it. These “test readers” should check specifically for grammar and spelling. Your book will be rejected if it’s poorly written, appears confusing or has too many spelling and grammatical errors.

If you need assistance editing your eBook, please join our “Editing 101” group here: and our members can help you further.

If you feel as though you need some additional assistance, we encourage you to check out our Publishing Tips and Tricks series. Part 7 focuses specifically on spelling, grammar and typos. You can read it for free here:

Blurb / Book Description

First impressions matter.

When a potential reader views your book, the first thing they read after the title is your book description. Don’t overlook this step. You want to entice your reader by being creative and using descriptive words. Focus on what you want to say, choose your sentences carefully, and make it count.

Books with generic or weak blurbs can be rejected. Put some thought this space. You have a minimum of 140 characters and a maximum of 3000. If you need some inspiration or ideas, look up some of your favorite books and read the synopsis.

Copyrighted Text / Images

If the image is not owned by you, or you have not received permission from the owner to use the image, don’t use it.

Books containing copyrighted material (text and/or images) will be rejected. If you do not own the rights to it, you are not authorized to upload it. Any copyright violation made by a BookRix member is their own responsibility and legal action can be taken by the copyright holder against you.

Author Name, Pen names and Anonymity

To prevent your book from being rejected in external shops like Kobo, iTunes and Amazon, a first and last name are required. A pen name can be chosen, however it must be a first and last name and cannot contain titles such as PhD, Mr., etc.

Table of Contents & Page Numbers

These are automatic. Manual input is not necessary.

A table of contents is automatically generated for your book (with a minimum of cover, body of your text and the imprint), when the chapter feature is used, and you will not need to create an additional table of contents. If you enabled the Chapter function and entered a table of contents manually in your text area, please remove the manual table of contents as this can cause your eBook to be rejected.

Page numbers are automatically inserted into ePub files and eReaders. Please remove manually inserted page numbers in your text, as having them can cause your eBook to be rejected.

External Links/ Shop Names

Avoid a conflict of interest.

Your eBook will be rejected from external shops if you post links to books and/or products within your book. In addition, you are not permitted to mention names of online shops. Books containing names to online shops, such as iTunes or Barnes & Noble, will also be rejected.

Authors are free to insert links to their author page, sources for education and finance, help sites, businesses, etc., However “Direct-to-buy” links are not permitted.

Word, Line, & Page Breaks / Formatting

Presentation is everything.

Words on a page attract a reader but the way they are laid out on a page is equally important. The formatting of your eBook is essential to it being well received.

Most external shops have formatting standards that they require all authors to abide by. Stores like iTunes will reject books that have more than 2 line breaks and/or page breaks. This extra spaceing can cause blank pages in an eReader. Colored or bold fonts can also cause a book to be rejected.

Most eReaders are designed to break words for you. When a word at the end of a line doesn’t fit properly, don’t worry. Continue typing and the BookRix  editor will break a word when necessary. This also applies to hitting the “Enter” key on your keyboard and manually breaking a word. Doing this will distort your text and can cause your eBook to be rejected.

Keep it classic and clean and don't use the "Enter" key in excess as this will minimize your chances of getting rejected from the external shops.

Hate Messages

Hatred is not permitted.

Books containing hate messages directed to any race, ethnicity, gender, political party, religion, etc., will be rejected unless depicted in the plot of the story.

Illegal Activity

Illegal activity is not permitted.

Books containing illegal activity such as pedophilia, how-to’s for crimes, etc., will be rejected unless depicted in the plot of the story.

Book Pricing

Determine the appropriate price for your eBook.

A good thing to consider when pricing your book is the number of pages it contains. For example, if you penned a short story and intend to sell it for a high dollar amount, a potential buyer could be turned off by the price. If your book is priced too high, you may receive a message from us encouraging you to adjust it.

For helpful tips about pricing your book, please click here:

Click below for more Publishing Tips and Tricks:

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The Power of the Cover
The First Words Matter
Choose a Good Title
Get a Good Review
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The Book Blog
Become Active on BookRix
Pricing Your Book

HERE for our ePub style guide that will help you prevent your eBook from rejection

Click HERE for Marketing Tips that will help your book get noticed

Edit Cover
Edit Cover

Edit Cover will give you three cover options:

(1) BookRix Stock Covers

BookRix provides some free stock images that can be used as temporary book covers. We do not recommend using these images on books placed for sale. From this option you can adjust your text location, font, and size to best customize your title, subtitle and author name placement on your cover.

(2) Getty Images

If you are planning on publishing a book for sale, it's very important to have a higher quality cover to prevent your book from being rejected. BookRix has partnered up with Getty Images to supply you with over 1 million images for cover art that you can use for your BookRix books (free or sale books).

There is a cost associated with these images that covers the cost of the license for commercial use, however we encourage you to browse these images as the cost is minimal.

Click HERE for more details.

(3) Your Own Images

If you created a book cover image and saved it to your computer, you can upload it using the My Own Cover option and then click the Upload Images button. By selecting Adjust Image to Cover you image will be fit to our eBook cover dimensions.

If your image does not include your book title, please select  Image and Text Only option.  By selecting Adjust Image to Cover you image will be fit to our eBook cover dimensions. From this option you can adjust your text location, font, and size to best customize your title, subtitle and author name placement on your cover.

Tip: Our exact cover measurements are 450 x 550 pixels, so if your image is too small it will appear pixelated, if it’s too thin it will appear stretched, etc. Books for sale are required to have higher quality images of a minimum of 1100 pixels wide.

Tip: Always save your changes.

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