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Data Science with Python
Su T.P. Data Science with Python

The Absolute Beginners Guide To Learn Data Science With Python

  • Computers
  • English
  • 14417 Words
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 48
  • 0
Data Science with Python   The Absolute Beginners Guide To Learn Data Science With Python ------------- Python - Data Science Tutorial  Data is [more]

Keywords: Data Science with Python, Python, Data Science


Douglas R. Mason, A. E. van Vogt SCIENCE-FICTION-SOMMER 2018

Science-Fiction-Romane und -Erzählungen auf über 1000 Seiten!

  • Science Fiction
  • German
  • 283446 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 125
  • 0
Der Sammelband SCIENCE-FICTION-SOMMER 2018 beinhaltet auf über 1000 Seiten vier Romane und acht Erzählungen internationaler Spitzen-Autoren wie Douglas [more]

Keywords: Apex-Verlag, Science Fiction, SciFi, Sci-Fi, Space Opera, New-Wave-SF, New Wave, Dystopie, Anti-Utopie, Aliens, Aktion, preiswert, Preis-Aktion, Sammelband, Omnibus, Bundle, Neuerscheinung 2018, Neuheiten 2018, [more]


  • Science
  • English
  • 8933 Words
  • Ages 6 and up
  • 33
  • 0
This unique book is simply a compendium of diverse standard based activities, projects and experiments that collectively involve [more]



Sol's Science Fiction Thirdly Magazine
Robson Finsin, Art Brindle Sol's Science Fiction Thirdly Magazine

Original Science Fiction Issue 1

  • Science Fiction
  • English
  • 41134 Words
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 121
  • 0
This inaugural issue of Sol’s Sci-fi Thirdly contains original stories from Jo Ling Ko (I Will If I [more]

Keywords: Science fiction, Robots, Mobots, Aliens, Earth Invasion, Mutation, Mutants


Master of Medical Science
Texila Suha Master of Medical Science
  • Education
  • English
  • 7539 Words
  • Ages 18 and up
  • 1
  • 3
Hi!, This book is about Master of Medical Science program offered by Texila American University. This is higher [more]

Keywords: Medical science program, Masters medical program, postgraduate program in medical, study medicine abroad

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Fantasy and Science Fiction
Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • 1992 Members
Haven for readers and writers of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Enter if you dare...
Health and Science Facts
Health and Science Facts
  • 22 Members
A place for serious, detailed, in-depth writers to post queries relating to their works for which they require greater understanding of health and science. As a health professional myself, I may boast some knowledge in this area and I would be happy to impart any information that is sought. However, if we create a nice large group, we may all interplay and impart our learnings so that we may provide descriptive, accurate accounts for our narratives. Human body, anatomy and physiology, as well as chemistry and physics questions all welcome. No question is too strange, or even too gruesome. Even if it is to do with the furthest reaches of the cosmos, dealing with string and M theories, or certain illnesses play out, or the bowel movements of earthworms, all questions here and in-between welcomed and encouraged! For those who are a slave to details.
  • 5 Members
Sun2020 DE - Deine Science Fiction Kurzgeschichte *Wettbewerb*
Sun2020 DE - Deine Science Fiction Kurzgeschichte *Wettbewerb*
  • 9 Members veranstaltet hier einen Wettbewerb, mit diesem geben wir Jungautoren die Chance ein Teil unseres Projekts zu werden. Wissenswertes zum Wettbewerb Für eines unserer größten Onlineprojekte im Bereich Unterhaltung suchen wir einen kreativen, ausdrucksstarken Science Fiction Autor/in; Geschlecht, Alter, Herkunft und Grad der Professionalität spielen nur eine nebensächliche Rolle. Der Wettbewerb startet am 24.05.13 und endet am 01.09.13. Auf findet dieser Wettbewerb in einer separaten Gruppe statt, die Gewinner werden aus der .com und der .de Community durch eine von uns gestellte Jury ermittelt. Bedingungen an die Kurzgeschichten: - 600-1000 Wörter - wir schreiben das Jahr 2020 - ein kompromissloser Blick in die Zukunft - Urbanes Szenario (kein Weltraum) - Roboter sind ein Teil dieser Welt - keine nichtmenschlichen Lebewesen und/oder mutierte Menschen d.h. keine Mutationen, keine Magie und keine Aliens Gewinne und Gewinner - Der 1. Gewinner darf die Story für unser internationales Onlineprojekt im Bereich Unterhaltung schreiben. Die Mitarbeit wird vergütet. - Der 2. und 3. Gewinner erhalten jeweils einen 75€ Amazon Gutschein. Die genauen Details dieses Unterhaltungsprojekts sind noch geheim.
  • 90 Members
Die unendlichen Weiten des Weltalls Atemberaubende fremde Welten Groteske Monster Gehirnwindende Geschichten Die Sci-Fi Gruppe zum Lesen, Austauschen, Büchertipps, Links, Filme, Serien ... und was euch sonst noch einfällt! Jeder ist willkommen!

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What about fanfiction?
What about fanfiction?

Here comes some legal mumbo jumbo. Fanfiction normally uses content of existing works (films, books, etc.). However, often this happens without the permission of the authors or the rights’ holders. Even if fanfiction authors accurately represent the copyright holders in their books, this does not qualify as legal approval from the copyright holder allowing use of his or her work for fanfiction literature. Therefore, a large part of fanfiction works are legally inadmissible. So the fanfiction category can be seen as an invitation to violate copyright and we want to avoid such complications. So, in other words it’s not OK so don’t do it.

But on the bright side, there’s also legal fanfiction which are fanfiction books based on books or films whose very kind authors allow the use of the content. These books may be posted on BookRix, according to our General Terms and Conditions (remember the great rules of BookRix). In this case, you have to select the appropriate category (e.g. science fiction or fantasy) in the Subcategory field. You can introduce any other category you want to.

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