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eBooks „suicide“

308 eBooks were found for the search term „suicide“.

Books (308)

Suicide Songs
Tobias Stadler Suicide Songs

Die Geschichte zweier Selbstmorde

  • Performing Arts
  • German
  • 15776 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 1269
  • 3

Keywords: Selbstmord, Suizid, Suicide, Freitod

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Suicide Squidward
Jess EW Suicide Squidward

Messed up Story

  • Horror
  • English
  • 1922 Words
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 628
  • 13
I just want to start off by saying if you want an answer at the end, prepare to [more]

Keywords: Suicide, horor, death, creepypasta

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Tyler Andreas Misiak Suicide

Wir sterben einsam und einmal

  • Fantasy
  • German
  • 999 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 490
  • 3
Ja oder nein? Einmal oder lieber kein mal? Weg gehen oder bleiben? Zerstörung oder Befreiung in diesem Buch [more]

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The Suicide
Jack Ivey The Suicide
  • Drama
  • English
  • 420 Words
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 603
  • 16
Flash fiction contest October - December 2012 All he wanted to do was die, and all he could do was [more]

Keywords: flash fiction, drama, suicide, hell

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The True Price Of Suicide
Sonia Ferguson The True Price Of Suicide

Suicidal Regrets

  • Self-Help
  • English
  • 2260 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 618
  • 21
Suicide, I have considered it, and the price, it's just my life, right? What's the point. My name [more]

Keywords: Cutting, Suicide, Pain, Crying, Numb, the true price of suicde

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the reason is  SUICIDE
Sara Principessa the reason is SUICIDE


  • Poetry
  • German
  • 887 Words
  • Ages 12 and up
  • 170
  • 0
Erst sind es nur Selbstzweifel, dann beginnt du zu dich zu hassen. Dir wird alles zuviel,sodass du anfängst [more]

Keywords: Trauer, Ritzen, Selbstmord, suicide, suicide, cut, suicide, cut


Suicide Note- part 1
Paulina Bowman Suicide Note- part 1
  • Fiction
  • English
  • 602 Words
  • Ages 10 and up
  • 354
  • 6
Brittney has gone through alot over the years, but she can have a great life after all. This [more]

Keywords: suicide, love, drama

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The Suicide Society
Raimund J. Höltich The Suicide Society

Alle Songtexte

  • Poetry
  • German
  • 79 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 454
  • 15
The Suicide Society: Alle Songtexte der bisher veröffentlichten Songs. Einziges Mitglied von The Suicide Society: Raimund J. Höltich Musikprojektwebseite:

Keywords: Songtexte

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The Suicide Society
Raimund J. Höltich The Suicide Society

All lyrics with english translation

  • Poetry
  • English
  • 178 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 651
  • 14
The Suicide Society: All lyrics of until now released songs with english translations. Single member of The Suicide [more]

Keywords: Lyrics

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What sometimes Lead to Suicide
Cassidy Garreth What sometimes Lead to Suicide

Stop the Bullying, Stand Up For Others

  • Fiction
  • English
  • 749 Words
  • No Age Recommendation
  • 411
  • 3
A little short story I made up. Short Fiction. About; A teenager wakes up from a scream next [more]

Keywords: Suicide, bully, bullies, fault, bystander, night, dark, sad, horrible

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